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How much would you give to live your fantasy? Think fast your Wishstone is waiting At Atlanta's Dragon Con nine fan girls make a wish on the mysterious ancient artifact known as the Wishstone and find themselves transported to the world that inspired their favorite TV series Only the show couldn't begin to prepare them for the real thing Domain is a world without change frozen in a time of magic and superstition where the immortal sons of the goddess Reyah fight a never ending war mostly with themselves Reyah doesn't seem to care The way she sees it her boys will be boys They'll settle down once they meet the right girls But Earth girls aren't that easy They've got serious issues with this gig They like their computers cell phones double ply toilet paper And they don't believe in fate Welcome to Domain

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    Really? This is what I get when I grab a book randomly off the shelf Don't worry I didn't waste my time actually finishing the dumb book Good grief I thought it would be at least as entertaining as an episode of Buffy you can see my disappointment cannot be attributed to high expectations The dialog was juvenile the language bordered on ridiculous and each character was flat as a pancake Don't get me started on the steamy attraction she felt as their eyes metblech gag me with a spoon