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Chiwa prise dans les intrigues de succession de l'entreprise Mamiya a pu voir la réalité de la vie de Hokuto Décidée à soutenir son mari dans ses ambitions elle fait tout pour devenir une épouse exemplaire De plus Hokuto et Chiwa se sont enfin avoué leurs sentiments et ont concrétisé leur amour Mais alors ue l'avenir s'annonçait radieux le ciel de leur bonheur est assombri par des nuages prenant la forme d'une surcharge de travail pour l'important homme d'affaires ui délaisse peu à peu sa femme Pour ne rien arranger le père de Chiwa à nouveau criblé de dettes demande l'aide de sa fille ui décide alors de se remettre à travailler au grand dam de son mari

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    A lot uieter than the last volume but not bad More of Chiwa and Hokuto getting to know each other and it sets up for two possible protagonists which should be interesting More people are finding out about their marriage than I think have so far other than Hokuto's family actually so it should be interesting to see how long they can keep Hokuto's 'bachelor' image going

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    I really do love this series The growing relationship between chiwa and Hokuto is one many can relate to in different aspects Every relationship has it's trials and this series has done a fabulous job bringing them to light But it is not just some heavy drama There are lots of cute and sweet moments and also some steamy ones Especially in this volume It is obvious to the readers that the couple is not very much in love but it is still distant Both still seem to but up a wall and have a lot to learn about communication still It takes a drunken Hokuto to finally make those steps while partly steamy this scene is a bit too dominant for what I was expecting While traveling they pretend to be brother and sister which insights all sorts of jealousy and trust uestions This manga is meant for mature readers due to sex scenes While I do love this series I liked this one just a little less than the previous volumes Nothing significant but certain tiny aspects with a demanding husband and such bothered me a bit Still very good Lovely art the expressions on Chiwa and Hokuto are perfect and share so much with the readers This is a series to continue I was given a digital review copy of this in exchange for a fairhonest review All opinions expressed are strictly my own

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    This series was recommended to me by someone on MangaUpdates I think when I asked for classic JoseiI'll copypaste the following part to all my reviews of this manga because my main point of critic remains the same It's annoyingly sexist to the point where the male MC tells the heroine to shut up or else he rapes her It was said jokingly while they were both lying in bed but seriously while there are most certainly a lot of words to express what I think of it I decide to just keep it at It's sexist because I'm too lazy to turn this one into a rant My standard for romantic manga is surprisingly low It's not like I expect women and men to be in any form euals any but there's a line you really shouldn't cross I don't care if your male character is the #1 sexual harrasser the point is don't trivialize it If he says shit like it at least have the heroine be genuinely offended and have an open discussion instead of scandalized in the typical blush blush oh he said something related to sex blush way that is so common in many manga these days I just want to slap peopleOtherwise not bad in how there are several real conflicts and a relationship that doesn't just magically work because the mangaka wants it to As flawed as their working their issues out might beNo rating

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    2020 Read #7This series just keeps getting so darn problematic Whenever Chiwa tries to assert herself in good ways and bad ways Hokuto just cuts her down and basically goes all “You can’t make decisions without me” I mean I get it they’re married and they need to make decisions together But Hokuto doesn’t allow her the same consideration instead keeping things from her It’s just a mess at this point but I still try to think that they’re better together than apart

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    And the guilty pleasure keeps going on though I wish there will be story progress in the future I'm afraid I'll get tired of it lol In this volume there is only notably the last chapter which indicates the progress of the story while the rests are still those repetitive clashes and misunderstandings between the two main characters with their significantly different personalities

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    hmm on the plus side it turns out maki enjoji agreed with me about chiwa needing a job on the minus side it does not seem to actually have done much for her overinvestment in perfect wife status win some lose some i guess25 stars

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    Hot Hot Hooooot

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    Rating 35 starsReview for the whole mangaOut of most of the mangaka's manga that I have read so far I enjoyed this one the most It's a typical story of how an ordinary girl is forced to marry a rich and superior guy who was previously her boss and how the overcome their differences and obstacles that they face along their marriage journey and yet I still enjoyed reading it

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    UghJust when I thought we were getting some where we end up in a mother argument that could've been resolved by simple communication These two are a work in progress I understand that part but it also seems that they don't learn from their past mistakes

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    Love this series