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Do pies grow on trees? Join a father and child as they watch over their backyard cherry tree and all the colorful living things surrounding it throughout the seasons At the end of the summer they harvest the cherries together and make a delicious pie for the whole family to enjoy This stunning book from bestselling author Lois Ehlert features color concepts backyard natural history vibrant collage illustrations and best of all a recipe for making cherry pie Yum  

10 thoughts on “Pie in the Sky

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    Dad says the tree growing in the yard when the family moved into the house is a pie tree But do pies really grow on trees?Watch the tree as the seasons change; see the birds have a cherry feast Will the raccoon save any cherries for us? And what will happen when we finally pick the cherries? Why we’ll make a cherry pieThe collage illustrations are a charming accompaniment to the simple text; a delight for readers young and oldRecommended

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    I think that this is a great book for children just learning how to read The book contains many sight words off of the FRY list The pictures are very textured and would be intriguing for young children to look at It also has an easy story line to follow and isn't very long which will allow children to remain focused Overall this book is a good book for children that are beginning to read

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    Oh I REALLY enjoyed this one The basic story is excellent for the littles or those early readers but adding in the smaller print adds a completely different dimension to the story The cut paper pictures are gorgeous and there's even a picture based recipe for cherry pie Yum Great for storytime

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    A lovely rhyming story I picked this book out to read to my children even though they are a bit old for it because I love the pictures in Lois Ehlert's books However the sweet story and simple directions at the end were also simple and sweet

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    This was excellent We'll need to buy a copy for the family

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    This is a neat book about making a pie It starts with the fruit growing on the tree and ends with the child making a pie I loved the illustrations

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    Like many of these books pages are uniuely designed Love this author and the collection created Very uniue style to the illustrations Loved it

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    This book is really cool I love the collage illustrations and I want to make the pie recipe from the book

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    I read this with my kids and we had a blast this story is so funny charming and tugs on all your heartstrings

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    A clever picture book but the print is often very hard to read due to both small print and the choices of type and background color