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A boarding school holds than Native American Indian studentsIt holds great many secrets Secrets that will be made known soonKalleb Drake is an average student that is looked down upon by smarter students He has a plan to dish out his own brand of justice In order to fulfill his plan he’ll need henchmen to help himBeverly Hillington is having a bad day The captain of the girls’ volleyball team keeps sending her out on meaningless missions Beverly faithfully goes out on these missions in hopes that they will give her game time to play so her gramma can watch her playInnaway Love seeks favor from the Indian club members but how far will she go to get it? The mysterious new student has a secret that has to do with the local snack bar tender’s past Here we meet Clem Zeppelin Can he and his little family save the campus and the nation from an evil army invasion or will they be the first casualties of an upcoming war?