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uando Doreen Tovey e suo marito Charles si decidono a prendere il loro primo gatto una piccola siamese è soprattutto per via dei topi che infestano il loro cottage Ma Sugieh non è un gatto; è uno spirito d'acciaio avvolto in morbidissimo pelo una primadonna l'Imperatrice dei Felini una regina che in un battibaleno stabilisce il suo regno sotto gli occhi esterrefatti dei coniugi Tovey E uando la bellissima Sugieh decide di diventare mamma un'invasione di scatenati e adorabili cuccioli tra i uali i formidabili Sheba e Solomon sta per sconvolgere ulteriormente la tranuillità

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    I love all of Doreen Tovey's books This was her first one originally published in 1957 Doreen has an amusing way of writing that perfectly captures the personalities of her Siamese cats She and her husband Charles real name is Rene are truly 'owned' by their cats The book starts out with their acuiring Sugieh as a kitten She grows up to have a litter of her own and madness ensues of courseThey live in a cottage in Rowberrow which is a small village in Somerset England The kind of place where everyone knows everyone else and all the antics they get up to Because of the peculiar paces their Siamese put them through the Toveys are seen by village folk as being a bit 'different'If you enjoy true cat stories told by an author who knows exactly how to tell them you'll probably enjoy Doreen's books I do I've read this one at least 3 times which is high praise as I very seldom re read my books5 Stars Exceptional It made a significant impact

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    Do you think your cat is noisy and troublesome? Be thankful you don’t have Doreen Tovey’s Siamese cats This 1957 book was the first of her many cat themed memoirs and is perfectly delightful for any animal lover Their first Siamese was Sugieh who loved nothing than to jump into a full bath and frighten the life out of the bather They bred her and kept two of the littermates Solomon and Sheba a mischievous pair whose first three years of antics fill much of the book terrorizing dogs pulling down the curtains following horses and developing er ‘refined’ tastes – “What with spiders string and the occasional butterfly caught napping on a cabbage which he ate wings and all Solomon was of course freuently sick But never ever was he so gloriously sick as the day he ate the cream cakes”Reviewed with four other cat books on my blog Bookish Beck

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    A couple in England find themselves at a loss when their home become over run by mice In desperation they go out and buy a Siamese kitten in the hopes that she'll be able to stop the invasion This is the start of a life long love for the breed and many happy and hilarious adventures I really liked this one it had me laughing right from the start Any pet owner can sympathize with the troubles the Tovey's cats stir up although their Siamese seem determined to take it to new heights You have to agree with their assessment that their neighbours must have thought they were going mad by the end of the first four years The narrator Jacueline Bishop did an excellent job of giving voice to Mrs Tovey bringing life to the characters and stories and adding emphasis at just the right times to make the stories funny I'd definitely listen to a book by her in the future

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    Hilarious and wonderful A real comfort read for me this tale of Siamese cats and their human slaves in England never fails to transport me Re read 22010I still love this book as anthropomorphic and silly as it is It's the or less true story of how a nearly textbook dotty English couple who live in a picturesue English cottage in a picturesue English village lose control of their lives to some Siamese cats with personalities as large as the oceans There are numerous falls down stairs and roofs tumbles into water butts and bathtubs and of course there are curtains torn down and food rejected as inferior If you are a cat lover I recommend this book to you

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    I loved this book The writer's description of what the cats were really thinkingsayingdoing was hysterical and the memoir has a fantastic voice Makes me nostalgic for the days when my family still had our Siamese cat but not so nostalgic that I'm going to run out and find one for myself Was an interesting revelation to find out that it is common for Siamese cats to eat wool Explains so much

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    I haven't had very good experiences with Siamese cats and this book made me glad I never had one I love cats but not cats like the ones in this book I read it thinking the author was writing about her own experiences and at the end it said it was a novel and none of the characters were real I couldn't imagine cats being as bad as these I was glad when I finished reading and listening to this book

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    I had never met a nice Siamese who doesn't let you pet them for a minute and then try to bite youI thought I would read this and see if they are as mean and nasty as I always thought and this one was even worse than imagined I am so glad that all we ever had was nice sweet tabbies If I had ever brought a terror like this home it would not have lasted than one day if thatI hated this cat so much that I didn't even want to finish the book so I didn't I can't believe any adult would want a monster like this terrorizing the household and the neighborhood That is just nuts For sure won't read the other books

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    I loved this book I've had several friends with Siamese cats and it's hard to believe that this book was written so long ago because it totally describes them For that matter it describes my 3 non siamese owners let's not kid anyone they own me not the other way roundEspecially the way the cats voiced their opinions In Capitalized Exclamations and the general behavior when taken anywhere in the car

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    Another re read I love Doreen Tovey's work which puzzles most people I know She writes about English country life and Siamese cats and the way she does it makes me laugh out loud

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    This is not my first book about mid century British Siamese cat ownership and their tendency to Express Their Thoughts in Capital Letters and it won't be my last I started haphazardly with a later book of Tovey's but it convinced me I wanted This is uproariously funny as far as the wild antics of a young cat later joined by her 4 kittens and I loved both Dan Brown's illustrations and the incredibly charming text