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The world is at war and the Transformers are at the forefront of the battle This is not Independence Day Even though the nations of Earth face their greatest threat the issues that have divided mankind for centuries destroy any true hope of global unity against the invaders Cities and governments fall and the giant titans of Cybertron fight one another as often as they clash with the attacking aliens a race of techno organic giants that not even the heroic Optimus Prime or the villainous Megtron can hope to defeat But what neither side knows is that the invaders are being controlled by a shadowy and far dangerous race one that awaits its opportunity to claim the Earth for itself

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    This was several times better than book 1 If you are a Transformers fan I recommend slogging through the first just so you can enjoy this one 455

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    Great book for Transformers fans This book picks up where 1 left off; a powerful race known as the Keepers are now on Earth and Starscream has taken Las Vegas for the Decepticons who he now leads The Transformers and humans surviving the Keepers imprisonment have returned to Earth In this book the humans and Cybertronians struggle against the vastly powerful Keepers and eventually kick their asses The book ends with Megatron asking to be named Prime as a return on a favor given to Optimus in the first of this series Here is where it gets a little ridiculous Optimus is honor bound to repay his favor The book ends with the possibility that Optimus may name Megatron as Prime and hence hand over the Matrix

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    I'm a huge fan of all things Transformers but even I can't really recommend this series At least this book is a marked improvement over the first; David Cian does an admirable job of salvaging what he can from Scott Ciencin's earlier hackjob