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This extraordinary trove of previously unpublished early works includes drafts of poems such as “The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock” as well as ribald verse and other youthful curios “Perhaps the most significant event in Eliot scholarship in the past twenty five years” New York Times Book Review Edited by Christopher Ricks

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    Not a good starting point for those new to Eliot but interesting for those looking to dive deeper I always feel a little weird reading work that the author probably never meant to be published It's like listening to Elliott Smith's New Moon it's stuff that I'm really glad I'm experiencing but it feels a little invasive somehow Anyway this book is not something you need to read straight through but it does give you a peek into the mind of a controversial writer

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    Though Eliot's poetry is work I find decent or great this collection is an EXCELLENT scholarly edition of his work of the time in the title In depth descriptions of the notebook the poems were written in and copious notes for each poem really make this book perfect for students of poetry

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    uite fun and a joy to read I'm not much of a poetry reader and I really should have read T S Eliot before reading this The whole point is that it's not a finished set of poems Some of them have a familiar ring some of them I know and some the delightful ones imo I have never ever seenEliot fans will eat this thing up Perhaps with a bit of frustration But I think anyone will enjoy itTruth to tell I picked it up for the March Hare reference being something of an Alice fan And it really is a reference to that March Hare The White Knight had his inventions These are the Inventions of the March Hare Mad Truly mad

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    I have read these poems and notes a handful of times I love TS Eliot I have always wanted to imagine him as a deeply chaste man not celibate but chaste This time reading I was able to read the notes in French and Latin and alas another man who is obsessed with all things phallic and deeply disrespectful to women Well that is why he was a writer Of course this was also written when he was youngIt’s strange that a man who was perhaps the greatest American poet of the 20th century would rely so heavily on the approval of Ezra Pound; a man who did not write well was deeply disturbed and a polygamist Yet this is the editing style that Eliot became famous for

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    If you're only peripherally into Eliot this won't be of much use but for those of us who really like or love Eliot the book serves as a great notebook with annotations of where Eliot might have or did derive his ideas verses and lines from Some poems like Prufrock appear in draft versions others are unpublished; the majority seem like attempts to find something deep but end up often as sketches There are still some extremely enjoyable poetry here one way or another but than 50% of the book is editor's notes I found some of them interesting others not so much

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    This volume had a copious amount of notes I did not read them all I read all the poems however Many of the poems expunged from the notebook included in the appendix wereuminteresting Some read like dirty limericks It was cool to be able to read drafts of my favorite Eliot poem The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock A must for any TS Eliot student or fan Not for the casual reader who wants a first introduction to Eliot

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    I don't think many people know of this book It's my favorite book of Eliot It's his previously unpublished early poetry His college notebook basically Beautiful lyrics and meditationsIf you like Eliot but this today Stop playing on Goodreads and buy it

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    Because all the poems in this collection are unpublished the poetry tends to not be Eliot's best However the simplicity is somewhat refreshing

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    early draft of prufrock; much darker turn

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    TS Eliot is capable of creating powerful and moving images I love this poet and I love this book