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    An interesting book that should have been The book presupposes that the reader knows a lot of the players both on field and off and that is a weaknessBook focuses not just on the era of American expansion and but also on the period immediately following and how both BC and Montreal were saved while Ottawa foldedInteresting look at why American expansion failed in all of the cities except Balti A worthwhile read that could have been executed better

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    I read Ed Willes’ 2004 offering The Rebel League and really enjoyed the trip down memory lane with regards to the WHA and it’s crazy existence Little did I know that the CFL was flirting with nearly as much head shaking face palming eye rolling debacles itself End Zones Border Wars The Era Of American Expansion In The CFL was a book that had me intrigued by the title alone I certainly recall the Balti Stallionser Coltsum CFLers but vaguely remember the Birmingham Barracudas Shreveport Pirates and the Sacramento Gold Miners And in addition to the crazy days in the mid 90’s when the CFL ventured into the American market the Canadian clubs were just as dysfunctional Owners out of their element fans that didn’t care for their franchise and a commissioner that just tried to keep the league afloat Sounds like a good read to me And while Willes did a very nice job presenting the story of the league through those tumultuous years I was left wanting You see the CFL has all but eliminated the American “experiment” from its history You don’t see footage floating around from those days You don’t hear from players and coaches about that time It just didn’t happen Which is a shame because the league as it is today is a direct result from the seeds that were planted or tossed from the instability and struggle to stay above water This book really is the only documentation that puts it all in one place The stories and teams that were focused on definitely were enjoyable Las Vegas Posse practices in the parking lot of a hotel the Argo days of Gretzky McNall Candy and some guy named “The Rocket” the year an American team won it all after being stunned the year before It’s all therebut I wanted Maybe some guys just wanted to erase that period from their minds I’m sure the league wanted no part of this book And maybe there just isn’t enough interest to really give a deep dive into the subject So this “surfacy” offering will suffice It was nice to see some key players give some valuable input into the book Most notably then commissioner Larry Smith uite frankly there would be no book without him He told some stories that put the WHA to shame and had me thinking numerous times just how close we came to having no league at all Ed Willes writes in a style that is not only easy to read has good flow and solid information but exudes character With a subject such as this it needs to be presented in a way that isn’t dry or dull and this book is neither Just 200 pages in length I would have loved a few interviews and a few anecdotes and a lot photosof American CFL franchises But one can’t be too choosy when it comes to a subject that has never seen the time of day prior to this If you’re a fan of Canadian football sport history or train wrecksthis book is for you

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    Great read and historic look at the most precarious and exciting time in the CFL's history the mid 90s when expansion took the league to various US markets before spectacularly imploding and threatening the existence of the league If you liked Willes' book on the WHA and you're a CFL fan you'll like this one Really missing the CFL in this crazy year and this book helped me believe that the league will be back next year

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    I am a CFL fan and this topic has long intrigued me I was just a young kid when there were American CFL teams so I have no recollection of that time This book however does a good job of taking you back to that era and explaining the reasoning behind some crazy decisions I didn't always like the way the book was structured and I found that the author assumed its audience would know a decent amount about Canadian football coming in However I really enjoyed the many crazy stories of those US based teams It is the characters involved that make this book so interesting and fun If you are a CFL fan I would recommend this book It is a fun look back at a crazy time in Canadian sport

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    Considering how long the venerable Canadian Football League has been around remarkably little has been written about its turbulent history That lack of information makes End Zones Border Wars all that much of a delight for fans of the seemingly indestructible leagueEnd Zones Border Wars by Vancouver Province sportswriter Ed Willes chronicles a time from the late 1980s into the mid 190s when the CFL was teetering on the abyss Ottawa went bust as did Montreal The BC Lions were in perpetual ownership chaos the league had to run the team for a while The Winnipeg Blue Bombers were 3 million in debt and the Calgary Stampeders held a Save Our Stamps campaign in 1986 Toronto was a mess some things never changeBut in the early 1990s the CFL and some of its owners a disreputable group that included names notorious to CFL fans names like Ryckman Glieberman Pezim and Skalbania came up with a scheme to save the league with an infusion of cash via American expansion The CFL had grand plans to expand into cities that didn’t have NFL franchises with the dream of becoming a second major football league in the USAs football fans know it was a colossal fiasco There were some successes the Balti franchise appeared in two Grey Cup games in their two years winning one eventually morphing into the present day Montreal Alouettes but the good never came close to outweighing the bad As Willes describes in loving and often hilarious detail the American franchises were mostly owned by seriously undercapitalized sharpies who talked a good game but did not deliver The old World Hockey Association had its chaotic moments but the CFL might have topped them all The Las Vegas Posse practiced in the Riviera Hotel parking lot; the Shreveport Pirates billeted their players above a barn full of circus animals Games would be played in 50000 seat building with 5000 fans in the stands And our course there was the unforgettable performance of O Canada at the Posse’s first home game a moment of ineptitude that summed up the CFL expansion experience in one songCFL fans will gobble up Willes’ fact and anecdote filled book I have a few uibbles however Willes spends far too much time on the epic 1994 BC Balti Grey Cup game Yes it was a great game but his lengthy dissection of the game takes away the book’s momentum The photos are a seemingly random collection of game pictures a dozen from the ‘94 Grey Cup game alone there are no graphics of the team logos of the failed American teams or even the season standings Otherwise End Zones Border Wars is reuired reading for fans of the beloved old league a vivid retelling of the time when the CFL was in a seemingly permanent state of being third down and 30 yards to go

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    An engaging high level view of the CFL during the years of American expansion More chatty than informative anecdotal than academic the book gives you an overview of what happened from the participants' view while avoiding and in depth discussion A fun but non essential recap of the CFL's failed foray into the United States

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    This isn't the most tightly written book but the sheer amount of uniue information contained in it gives it five stars The author did a great job telling the story of the CFL during some of its most desperate years The antics of teams like the Las Vegas Posse and the Shreveport Pirates were almost too crazy to believeWhat makes this book really shine is the number of personal interviews with the people involved from the CFL commissioner to the average player These interviews allow the reader to get a 'top down' look into every single aspect of the league during this turbulent time I loved the profiling of the 1994 BC Lions Grey Cup Championship TeamAs a new CFL fan I felt that 'End Zones and Border Wars' allowed me to get to know and understand better the league I have come to love I did feel like very little was said about the San Antonio Texans and that felt like a missed opportunityA must read for any sports enthusiast 55 Stars