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Destiny's Orbit 114 pThough Ajax Calkins was wealthy enough to buy anything on earth his heart desired the one thing he wanted most was strictly forbidden That was a world of his own a planet however small which would be his private kingdom in the sky The Earth Mars Space Administration stood in his path They would tolerate no such 18th Century derring do in the commercial and workaday planetary channels of the 21st Century Empire building was outBut when an offer from a bearded stranger opened the way to just such an adventure Ajax leapt at the chance In his luxury spacecraft Destiny he shot out through the inner planets to the tiny world that waited a king and unwittingly to a monster outer planet empire that waited a detonator for cosmic warTimes Without Number 139 pTraveling backwards in time Don Miguel had to undo the errors and interruptions o f other time interlopers; he had to preserve the present Even the most insignificant nudging of the past could entirely alter his world And he suspected that this had already happened that a maniacal genius crazed with a desire for nationalist vindication had plotted to alter the victorious outcome of the Spanish Armada of 1588 thus changing recorded history and perhaps even imperiling the mighty Spanish Empire of 1988If Don Miguel did not successfully intercede when he came back to the present he might find a different worlda different timea time in which he probably didn't even exist

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    This book was ok Destiny's Orbit was slightly better than Times Without Number which was not written very clearly Nonetheless it was a good break from serious reading There is much better Mass Market kitsch Sci Fi out there

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    This is an Ace Double meaning that it has two stories within and that these two stories have nothing to do with each other They are however both science fiction stories Destiny's Orbit 114 pages by David Grinnell is obviously a space opera Our hero is a wealthy and slightly naive man named Ajax Calkins I call him man but throughout the story he really acts like a kid Ajax is inspired by the great heroes who have conuered lands heroes that he finds in books fiction not history books Ajax is bored with life on earth all he wants is to find a kingdom or planet to call his own And so he doesLets start with the good This story is very easy to read So easy that I think a 10 year old could read it It does have a couple of technical terms but nothing that is explained and meant to be explored further The story is also fast paced and full of mindless and pointless action This is also one of its weaknesses at least to me Who cares about developing realistic and interesting characters when you can start a war among the planets destroy space ships and find a bunch of alien technology? This story certainly doesn'tI was not impressed and can give it no than 15 stars rounded down to 1