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This journal is about the importance of trust and not knowing what the hell you re doing basically From the stylish geriatric to an 18th Century pickled egg of a glutton with a wooden leg and toasting marshmallows amongst 25 million corpses these stories tell of a different type of beauty one which reveals itself only when our minds and hearts are open It's also about spiritual growth and the abundance of kindness in this world What's attractive to the potential buyer is that this book appeals to the human spirit's sense of freedom and adventure Be surprised and be enticed EXCERPTS It was midnight I was lost Now where was that accomodation booked for me by friend of a friend's auntie's brother in law's mechanic's wife's seamstress tarot reader's uncle's long lost one eyed twin? I bit into a sago larvae It had a crisp shell that collapsed easily between my teeth The inside oozed out like warm custard with a nutty flavour There was something in the air that transformed red to ruby yellow to saffron blue to azure green to emerald orange to gold The 'Three Nuns 'was down the road from the 'Slug and Lettuce' And I'd expect to find next the 'Sugared Almond and Toothless Old Lady' 'Dung Beetle and Limousine' or perhaps 'Chiwawa and Cocaine' She didn't speak English And I didn't speak German But the universal language of marshmallows spoke for us

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    Preface Straight off the bat you should know I may or may not have purchased this book from a street vendor in Vietnam Lets just pretend for a moment that I did go ahead and buy a badly photocopied version of this book from an old lady with one leg or even from one of the many legitimate stores in Vietnam's backpacker district which sell's obviously pirated and poorly Xeroxed versions of popular travel literature If that were true you might stand on your soapbox or your high horse or some other metaphorically raised platform and tell me that piracy hurts the industry Well this is different It's like the robin hood effect I'm stealing from the rich publisher to give to the poor street vendor I technically paid for the book albeit at a reduced price and the only people that were hurt were the fat cats at some low budget publishing firm and the author who dedicated hard work time and energy into writing a book about travel experiences OK that sounded better in my head and as much as the publishing house might disagree but I think the author 'Zhang Su Li' would understand as a fellow traveller that I don't have access to unlimited funds I'd like to think that she'd just be happy someone had bothered to read her book in the first place I know I'd be thrilled if I thought even one person on the internet even glanced at this review Anyway this was all hypothetical I totally purchased a real copy of the book TotallyThe style of the book itself was all over the place The tagline of the book reads stories of a traveller with no sense of direction and I really think this may have spilled over into her writing I don't mean to be cruel but I found that each chapter interested me even less that the last This was in part due to a general lack of narrative structure and arching story I knew it was a collection of travel stories but I had hoped they would somehow interlink or that the author would be building towards some kinds of final chapter in which she tied up all of her experiences with a reflective monologue but instead the book comes to an abrupt end after an exhaustingly long and uite frankly boring chapter about her time in India The final chapter of the book in my estimation is a bazillion times longer than any of the others and I personally felt it was the weakest This may have been a big factor in my seemingly negative reviewThat being said I want to pull back a little and offer some praise It was a decent book I'm won't say I would ever read it again or even recommend it to friends but I don't regret having read it I always to love hearing about the misadventures that others have while travelling and you can tell this girl just wanted her stories to be told but with that in mind I think I could have it done better I'm really not an arrogant person I promise This book would have been infinitely better had it been a collection of travel stories and anecdotes from different authors but when it's about one single person you expect the author to throw of themselves into the pages Yet aside from a brief introduction about her failed studies I found no real insight into her reasons for travel or how she funded it all and these are the things that interest me most about a traveller So in the spirit of honesty and without wanting to be harsh this was not the best travel book I have ever read

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    While I cannot deny that Su Li has her way with words I found certain parts of the book a little too abrupt Overall each chapter had an exciting heart pumping beginning but an ending that left me wanting I thoroughly enjoyed 'A Dance With Life' I especially found it eye opening that she wrote on the plight of stray dogs something that I rarely find in travel related books This book was given to me by my cousin

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    35 starsI was sold when I read the back cover description where Atlantis was mentioned Atlantis being my absolute biggest fascination certainly made sure that this book would be in my possession Also because I was drawn to the catchphrase of a traveller with no sense of direction The whole idea of traveling simply for the sake of traveling appeals a huge deal to me Su Li has certainly managed to illustrate her adventures in a very real manner which further ignites the explorer side in me Good writing yes However knowing the stories are based off of her own experiences can't help but to make me uestion her attitude towards certain circumstances Maybe it's just my expectations of enthusiasm and welcomingcomforting vibes but that's not what I have obtained in many instances throughout the book At some points I wish she had gotten 'involved'? instead of just leaving the possibilities of things lingering Then again I guess that's real life huh? People don't usually make grand gestures; things come and go Still a great travel book nevertheless

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    Overall it is 45 But 55 for the last chapter The Dance of Life

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    Another travelogue to be read It opened a new world of fantasy and an idea to the adventure seeker