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Eleven stories by one of Australia's finest writers taking science fiction into the next millennia And beyond Sean Williams' first full length collection is aptly named Since starting his career in the early 1990s Williams has systematically learned his chosen trade by exploring the tropes and traditions of the SF field ultimately working towards developing his own distinctive voice and vision New Adventures In Sci Fi showcases the variety of work that Williams has published in the past decade and emphasises the increasing depth and maturity of that work If there is a feeling that only better lies ahead it is because of the progression made clear in these pages Anyone wanting to understand science fiction in Australia in the 1990s needs this book Highly recommended Locus

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    One of the best things from my first sci fi con find out about authors that I hadn't even heard of the writing of which were so far ahead of what I had been reading for most of my lifeNew Adventures in Sci fi was one of the books that I took home from there and over a decade later has still set the bar so high that it's hard for other SF to get close

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    Standard Ticonderoga Disclaimer We published this book because we loved it