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Olivia St John is in for the adventure of her life News of an inheritance in far off South Africa is a dream come true for a governess who spends her few idle hours imagining exotic locales and exciting people While a boardinghouse in a mining town won't necessarily bring riches it most certainly will provide those things Olivia craves—new places new faces and adventure Provided she can actually get there that is Fortunately the executor of her uncle's will has provided an escort to guide her across the unforgiving terrain Rough and tumble Matthew uinlan—diamond hunter and bushman extraordinaire—is nothing like the polished gentlemen of Olivia's acuaintance but everything it seems she finds dangerously appealing Before their journey is over Olivia vows to prove to the maddening uinn that she is no wilting English flower but a woman with newly awakened desires—and a heart she longs for him to claim

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    I absolutely could not put this down Started reading at 9pm and stayed up until 230 am trying to finish I couldn't so I finished the last 60 pages this morning It was a great read only 4 stars due to the predictability and character stubbornness I will definitely be looking into Ms Wadell's other works