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You won't settle till you have it all Will you Dillon?A tear dropped on the note Heidi wiped it off but it had already stained the lavender paperAs far as Heidi was concerned Dillon Archer was trouble Not only had he wrecked her father's cherished business he now seemed determined to destroy her own peace of mind through the sheer impact of his powerful magnetic presence But his true intentions were a mystery Could she trust him? Would falling in love with this man be an invitation to happiness or heartache?

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    285 stars

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    Heidi is trying to make ends meet She had to work hard to keep her house for the sake of her mother after her father's partner Dillon caused her father's downfall With the help of her mother and loyal housekeeper she opened the house for bed and breakfast uests To her dismay and utter shock Dillon himself came to live in her house It's an okay story with all the usual Harleuin misunderstanding elements

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    Started off rather slow but ended up with a very sweet epilogue Heat level low angst level low

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    I actually like the hero than the girl in this book He was always solicitous of the mother gentle the girl and overall for a supposedly mean hearted businessman compassionate to other people Because she had seen the reversal of their family fortunes and because she blamed the guy for this she came off bratty every time she was in the guy’s presence I liked how she overcharged his room rental and he knowingly paid it in full and than the padded price I like the way he was amusedly tolerant of her contrariness like when he offered to help her cut down the tree and she refused to hand over the chain saw He simply trapped her in his arms and pried away the dangerous chain saw I especially like the way he couldn’t seem to resist caressing her face in wonder or gentling her with indulgence How could she be so blind as not to see his actions as indicative of his love for her instead accusing him of mercenary intentions? Yet despite her misconceptions it was he who came to seek her out in the end in their meeting place The epilogue with the letter showed that she’s very lucky indeed to have someone like him simply besotted with her

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    Clean read kisses only Heidi holds Dillon responsible for the loss of her father's business and for his death which came shortly after She finds out that things are not always as they seem