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Mills Boon presents the Betty Neels collection Timeless tales of heart warming romance by one of the world’s best loved romance authorsAn offer she couldn't refuse? “I wish to marry for the wrong reasons I am not in love with you”Titus Taverner was a busy and successful medical man who lacked a wife Arabella had applied for the job of caretaker at his consulting rooms but was happy to accept this new position Titus was offeringUntil she complicated matters by falling in love with him

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    5317I'm a huge fan of Betty Neels as anyone who follows my reviews can tell I discovered her books in my preteen years and continued reading them and collecting them into young adulthood Then I didn't reread them for at least 20 years I had moved on to other genres but I didn't love them less and I would never have parted with themThen I rediscovered them in my overcrowded library behind a row of newer books and decided to reread them That is when I found The Uncrushable Jersey Dress blog and Facebook group and I learned that contrary to what I previously thought I am not the only fan of TGB on the planetAll that was a prelude to this Even a fan as dedicated as I will admit that TGB wrote a number of books that are routine and only vaguely memorable while others shine like the jewels they are Sometimes it takes a rereading to mine all the goodies; sometimes the goodness needs to simmer after reading itThis book is one of the latter On a cursory read it's a pretty standard Neels MOC story but there are enough uniue features that for me anyway sets it apart from the run of the millMy only criticism is that I wish the second half post marriagepre Declaration of Love were as delightful as the first half And that is why this one does not uite rate 5 stars for meArabella Lorimer is a young woman from a good background but she was left penniless when her parents died suddenly She is unable to find work with board where she can keep her cat Percy She already had to take her horse and donkey to an animal sanctuaryShe answers an advertisement for caretakercleaner of a doctor's office which includes a basement room no objection to Percy She uickly makes the basement her home and even acuires a puppy rescuing him from the streetBut the younger of the doctors Titus Tavener makes her uncomfortable and she tries to avoid him He however is bothered by her working such an unsuitable job and keeps popping into her life So he proposes a MOC From this point we follow the Betty Joanna rule fortunately I never get tired of shopping even vicariously Arabella gets her wires crossed about a female Dutch doctor thinking Titus is in love with her to be fair Dr Tulsma lies through her teeth to ArabellaTitus and Arabella celebrate Christmas at the manor house with aunts and uncles and cousins all of which are described beautifullyArabella becomes and unhappy about Geraldine Tulsma and after Christmas on an evening when Titus is expected to arrive Arabella goes for a walk and falls into a gully; the rain soon turns to sleet and she's in uite a pickle Of course Titus finds her and lifts her out For his part he can wait no longer; as soon as Arabella is warm and dry he tells her he loves her and doesn't care a jot for GeraldineThere is a brief epilogue in the form of a letter from Titus to Arabella 18 months later; Arabella reads it to Pledge #1 a very small sonReally lovely 425 stars

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    I liked this book just as I like her others and in this book I got straight into it from page one because I enjoyed reading about her work her animals and her little flat and how she met the doctorThe H I did like but I didn't like how he mostly pitied her and basically fell in love with her because of her change in clothes and not because of her being herself and I would have liked him to have spent attention on her than with the ow I still think he had a relationship with her before he was married despite him denying it and I wished the h would have slapped and threw her out of the house instead of pretending to be nice to her but I did like the ending and the epilogue was a nice surprise

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    A typical marriage of convenience story with English Doctor Titus Tavener and Arabella There is the usual compliment of servants dogs and cats and his family members Arabella is one of the ubiuitous orphans from good family but living in poverty when she comes to work for the Doctor and his partner Dr MarshallThe other woman in this case is a Dutch female doctor who causes trouble for the newly wedsIn this case neither hero or heroine realise they are in love for some time In an interesting departure from the norm we see implied conjugal relations at the end of the book Usually we have to wait until we see them in another book with children A nice read

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    Kindliness good manners love of animals Cinderella retelling definitely a pristine happy ever after story I am told that this author has millions of followers Perhaps women hunger for fairy tales I finished it with a smile on my face and then set it down to return to the real world

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    As with most of Ms Neel’s novels this was a gentle balm of a story which is exactly what I look for when I pick her books up Other than the shocker that the hero WAS NOT DUTCH OH THE SHAME this follow most of the expected Ms Neels tropes doctor hero hardworking but plain heroine who has the patience of Job and some cute animals The latter especially helps for me The couple get married there is some misunderstanding cause in this case by the heroine which was uite funny There are some dated lines here about how women just love to talk about fashion and “have a gossip” instead of being able to understand all the manly medical jargon The potential OW is kind of villainized for being smart I shake my head and kind of ignore it This all happened in ye olde times of 1994 after all 😜Tbh I picked this particular book up because I had read its sister manga which I found a bit disturbing because the hero looked a bit deranged see Thankfully there was no sight or sound of Hannibal Lector here I also did find it amusing that there were appreciable differences between the manga and the novel I like the contrast and if the manga is done well it provides a fun counterpoint Check both out if you can and read them like a duo

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    It's not often I want to slap a Betty Neels heroinebut this is most definitely one of those times That strength she starts with plummets I know that happens a lot with Ms Neels' work the line that of course she was not clever' near the 34 mark of the book made me cringe Titus seems to like her for not being someone to talk shop with at the end of the day Umwhat? Every married couple in the med field of my acuaintance there are a few at least talk about the day in basic terms with the spouse at the table Though now I come to think of it most are married to someone in the field So maybe the doctornurse relationship Ms Neels was most known for are accurate Saving feature the book is set at Christmas time That fact can save most stories in my view

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    Lovely If you enjoy your romances clean light fluffy and vintage then you will enjoy the wonderful work of Betty Neels

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    Titus Taverner underestimate his new Caretaker Arabella LorimerThis has everything you expect from a Betty Neels story I just love the strengthen in Arabella when she comes face to face with the enemy Geraldine Heart warming read for a rain night and a lovely pick me up

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    Well kind of disappointed Titus is a busy doctor who didn't have time to himself and love That's why he want a simple wife There was Arabella sweet and alone and apparently she caught his heart without his knowing He asked her to marry him and she said yes But it gets complicated Because Arabella's falling for him Betty Neels's very detail She describes everything about what Arabella do everyday It's nice and made this book felt real because I practically imagine myself as Arabella But then it fell flat I can't feel Titus's warm heart I mean in the end he did admit that he loves her but I can't feel it Lack of chemistry and vice versa from Arabella's side I expect so many things but I disappointed Could've been better

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    So the only edition of this book in Goodreads that has a cover matching the one I read is the edition that was translated into Indonesian Who would translate Betty Neels into Indonesian? Imagine my voice cracking with incredulity as you read that last sentence There's hardly any reason for them to be in English