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In this classic work Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak one of the leading and most influential cultural theorists working today analyzes the relationship between language women and culture in both Western and non Western contexts Developing an original integration of powerful contemporary methodologies – deconstruction Marxism and feminism – Spivak turns this new model on major debates in the study of literature and culture thus ensuring that In Other Worlds has become a valuable tool for studying our own and other worlds of culture

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    This has been a complex reading experience to me partly because of the entire Marxist Feminist Psychoanalyst takes on critical theory I still jumble my head as I leaf through the book to see highlighted passages on deconstructing Dante Yeats and their La Vita Nuova Beatrice analogy along with Spivak's highbrow essay on decoding Virgina Woolf's To The Lighthouse I was truly lost in this erudite collection on Cultural Politics

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    It's often very opaue Based on the style I would love to sit down and have a coffee with Spivak but it's hard to derive any kind of a vector or thesis out of it and while this may just be my general discomfort with deconstructionist writing that doesn't make it any satisfying I was intrigued by some of her insights into the notion of the subaltern but beyond that meh

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    Lots of important ideas tucked into impossibly dense writing Impacted the way I think about my work and my position in the world but I'll be glad not to have to slog through again

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    El marco en el cual se construye esta línea de investigación es tanto su gran riueza como su limitación real El análisis debe ser desarrollado en efecto más allá de las limitaciones del análisis “obrerista” operaista del desarrollo capitalista y la forma Estado Una de sus limitaciones por ejemplo es subrayada por Gayatri Spivak In Other Worlds Essays in Cultural Politics New York Routledge 1988 p 162 uien insiste en el hecho de ue la concepción del valor en esta línea de análisis marxista puede funcionar en los paises dominantes incluyendo en el contexto a ciertas corrientes de la teoría feminista pero pierde por completo el marco en el contexto de las regiones subordinadas del mundo El cuestionamiento de Spivak es por cierto extremadamente importante para la problemática ue estamos desarrollando en este estudio De hecho desde un punto de vista metodológico podemos decir ue la problemática compleja más profunda y sólida ue se ha elaborada para la crítica de la biopolítica se halla en la teoría feminista en particular las teorías feministas marxistas y socialistas ue se ocupan del trabajo de la mujer el trabajo afectivo y la producción de biopoder Esto presenta el marco tal vez más apto para renovar la metodología de las escuelas europeas “obreristas” Imperio Pág29

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    As a collection of essays I found it hard to get into and see as a comprehensive whole Likewise I am not too familiar with Derrida and as such some of the deconstructionist theoretical claims were a little over my head

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    Tough reading