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    This book is a MUST read Puppies for Sale brought tears to my eyes This book is about a little boy who wants a puppy with a messed up hip The owner strongly advises the young boy to not pick the dog but the little boy insist on that one for a certain reason This book is inspiring because it shows how not to judge someone too uickly and how each one of us is specialI LOVED this book very much It now holds a special place in my heart My family does foster care and this would be a perfect book for us to read to our foster babies It just illustrates no matter what others think about you or how your outward appearance is someone always loves you and wants to care for you This book could be used in a classroom in several ways It could be used to a class that comes from rough homes or for someone who is going through a rough time This book could help kids understand that being different on the outside does not make you any different on the inside

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    What a great book with an even better message This book is about a young boy who wants to buy a puppy from a litter When he sees one puppy with a limp he explains he specifically wants that puppy The man selling the puppy says that no one should want to buy that puppy because he has a missing hip socket and will limp forever He would even give the puppy away for free The boy gets angry and explains that he wants to pay full price for the puppy just like all the other puppies The boy explains that he has a metal brace on his ankle and wants the puppy so he can show the puppy that he understands I absolutely loved this book and the message in this book I can’t wait to use this book in my future classroom This will be great book to teach a lesson about love and how to treat everyone with love

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    This was a very good educational book for adults and children alike A little boy wants to buy a puppy but doesn't have enough money So he asks if he can at least see the puppies The man whistles and the mama and her babies come running except for the littlest one He is limping and just doesn't run like the rest The little boy asks about the pup The man said that he was born missing a hip joint and will never be as good as the other pups The little boy said that was the pup he wanted The man tells him you don't want that pup if so you can have him He's not worth the money The little boy gets agrevated and tells him the he si worth just the same as the others just because he has something different about him doesn't mean he's not useful He raises his pant leg and shows his braces on his own legs Unfortunatly too many people think the way this man does and we need of theses little boys to teach differently Everyone is useful and deserves a space

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    This book is about a little boy who is willing to spend all of his money and work out a payment plan to pay for a dog with a missing hip socket At the end of the book we find out that the boy is so interested in this dog who will always struggle because the boy himself has a cast on his leg I thought this book was so sweet and explains empathy so well I would use this book in my classroom to explain just that

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    I was looking for a brief meaningful story to complement a Restorative Justice circle around the theme of acceptance My lesson plan cited this story and I was very fortunate to find it online It's brief but very meaningful I am really looking forward to sharing it with my fourth graders to see what they take from it On a side note the story also reminded me of an animated short that my fiance sent me last month Eually as beautiful and I encourage you to watch it The Present

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    This story is about a little boy who is looking for a puppy at a petstore When the little boy picks a puppy who cannot walk like the other puppies the store owner is confused The little boy reveals that he is handicapped and that the puppy is just like him I love this story because it reveals that regardless of the things that make us different from everyone else each and every one of us is special I think this is a great book to have in the library for all ages

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    Puppies for SaleA young boy chooses a puppy based on his own humble sense of need and love An inspirational story Puppies For Sale delivers a vivid message of human understanding for all agesI LOVED THIS BOOK The little boy sees a sign Puppies for Sale he picks the one that is disabled When the clerk says no you do not want this puppy because he wont be able to run and play he shows him his disability This is a great book for kids that have differences

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    A short and simple story it cuts to the heart of value and worth and everyone's need for love Our girls enjoyed the story very much The illustrations are done in watercolor and are very expressive

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    I read it on 1998 First collection for inspirational stories

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    this is a sad book but at the same time