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Alternate cover edition of ASIN B00BRLB050Chasing money is a precarious career choice; winners and losers are guaranteed has Martin Wellbeck chosen wisely?Post Moneymaker the online poker world is booming while Martin Wellbeck is at a crossroads in his IT career Seduced by the colourful characters and bundles of poker money he sees on ESPN he leaves his IT career behind and plunges head first into the thrills of the online poker world Martin has never played poker before what chance has he got? New girlfriend Katie is less than amused she has her hands full looking after Clem the pet dog from hell and doesn't want another animal in her lifeMartin soon becomes hooked on his new profession riding the poker boom and surfing its waves of cash The stakes are high antes are being played is Martin up to the task of juggling a stressful poker career and the other parts of his life? Is he up to the challenge of amateur poker enthusiast and celebrity chef Gary Pansey?

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    This is the second novel of Ian Little's I have read I loved his last book Hell in the Kitchen and I love this one even The characters are flawed funny and 3 D I even laughed out loud in my doctor's waiting room and got some odd looks but it was worth it There is a lot of poker lingo and poker strategies but never too much I'm not a lover or a hater of poker and this book moved fast enough that the details of the game never bogged down the plot I can't wait to see what he writes next He gives indie authors a good name