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No one in the history of Philadelphia Sports has made a successful career off of being an average player better than Keith Jones The improbable hockey career of Jonsey started in 1992 when he was with the Washington Capitals After a brief stint in Colorado Keith was traded to Philadelphia where is hard work dirty play and colorful personality made him one of the popular players in recent history Jonsey is the story of Keith s career in the league as well as all of the interesting stories he accumulated over the course of his career playing with some of the leagues best players in the last 15 years including Peter Forsberg Joe Sakic Mark Recchi and Eric Lindros The book will include a forward written by Hall of Fame defense man Ray Bourue

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    The way that I ended up reading the book Jonesy was that I like the Philadelphia Flyers and my Dad thought I would like it because Keith Jones played for them It had a great plot about a guy who is very lazy and then somehow makes it to the NHL and has a very funny careerHumor I ended up really enjoying it because it had a lot of humor and some parts made me laugh out loud like this one It was the most unbelievable display of violence that I`ve ever seen The two teams just beat the hell out of each other Eight of the guys on the opposing St Catharine`s team were so frightened by the mayhem that they ran into the dressing room while the other teammates were left to fend for themselves Two Brantford guys held a St Catharine`s guy`s arms while another Brantford player punched him in the head There were dropkicks with skates on It was surreal Definite Slap Shot DVD extra materialpg23 I laughed so hard at this last bit Old time hockeySensory Description This book had a lot of sensory details because of the many experiences he had Like the time he and his friend Paul had front row seats and the way he described it These guys were just animals and they STUNK I mean they smelled like a three month old catfish lying on the hood of a Buick In July In downtown Phoenixpg39 This book is important to society because it teaches us to enjoy the ride of life

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    First of all whoever edited this book needs to go back and do than just run spellcheck I don't know if the blame should be directed to Bucci Jonesy or the publishing company really the latter would make the most sense That said this book was so much fun to read Keith Jones comes across as honest funny introspective engaging I had no idea he was so young He retired right after I got back into hockey post college the overlap by maybe half a season so I may have seen him play a game or two at best In this book he chronicles his so called improbable career and paints a pretty good picture as to why he designates it as such We get behind the scenes information about his junior hockey career his experience playing for the Caps Avs and Flyers and how he dealt with a pretty bad knee injury at what ought to have been the height of his career He examines his motivations regarding teams contracts and personal goals with insightfulness and what I believe is a whole lot of honesty I'm happy he's still involved with hockey I enjoy him very much on any hockey broadcast A good fun read for any hockey fan

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    easy read jonsey really did have an improbable career with loving to drink beer eat wings and never really had the want to work out comedic in nature the book captured his major moments throughout his life and showed you the various stages he went through to get into the NHL It also showed the reason that Jonsey was so thankful to be playing at the top level while a lot of other players take that for granted Its a touching story in the long run but it also gives you one of the best lessons of all in life sometimes determination will help you to overcome all barriers in your way So really sometimes you just need to put your head down and skate I would absolutely recommend this book for anyone who is a hockey fan or anyone who wants to read a somewhat inspirational yet very goofy book

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    Probably the best hockey book I ever read My dad bought it for me as a joke the people who work with Keith Jones make fun of him because he was such a mediocre player But damn if he didn't turn that mediocre career into a good story It has everything you'd want in a sports memoir triumph and tragedy and stories and laughs I remember I was fighting tears at the end What the fuck Keith Jones?You're probably not reading a book about someone you looked up to You're not reading Gretzky or Roenick or Howe or Hull Keith Jones might as well be your slightly overweight neighbor I don't know who convinced him to write a book but I'm glad he did

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    I'm really glad that I decided to read this book I didn't know much about Keith Jones apart from what he tells us during Flyers games He comes across as a funny honest no nonsense kind of guy Now I really feel like he fits in perfectly with the Flyers organization If you're looking for an interesting perspective from a former NHL player or if you want to know about Keith Jones obviously OR if you love the Flyers I'd recommend this book to you It's really cool to know about someone that's so near and dear to the Flyers

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    if you're a washington caps fan a philadelphia flyers fan a keith jones fan or a hockey fan you will likely enjoy this very easy read i read it because i'm a hockey fan and now have a new appreciation for keith jones the book closes with a very touching story in the final chapter realize this is not great literature in all honesty it's actually pretty poorly writtenand very likely the WORST edited book i've ever read it's not a huge time investment and i'm glad i read it recommend library check out vice purchasing

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    A fun easy read I recommend it to anyone who loves Hockey and wants to know a little bit about the ins and outs of what it's like to be a professional player by almost complete happenstance Sometimes we forget that not all athletes are superstars from day one that there are plenty who work hard to be the players they are and have to approach the world of sports differently than those who are gifted

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    Despite entertaining and interesting stories of the day to day life of a professional hockey player the book didn't seem to keep my attention for long I never had much trouble putting it down and it definitely failed to impress me

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    Fun look into the life of a mid level NHL player I was definitely distracted by the number of typos in this though I also would have loved there to have been some stories this was shorter than I would have liked it to have been

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    good stuff for the hockey fan