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The mantra 'location location location' often concerns buying a house but some estate agents would do well to apply it to their photography Should one for instance locate the camera before a fossilised garden chair? An overflowing ash tray? An elderly relative hustling out of shot? Has thought been spared for the location of that dirty underwear? Those psychedelic curtains? That sinister graffiti?Out of touch with realty less Rankin and plain rank some of the worst offenders should perhaps consider relocating to another industry Luckily for us they haven't yetThe mystifying property photographs gathered here are an endless source of confusion confusion confusion frustration frustration frustration and perversely satisfaction satisfaction satisfaction

10 thoughts on “Terrible Estate Agent Photos

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    I found this in a freebie bin and read it in 15 minutesThe photos are amusing and tragic Not sure who would pay £899 for this but I enjoyed the photo journey nonetheless Thank you anonymous spendthrift

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    Not sure how to rate this because you know it's pictures from a blog But it's fucking hilarious I read it at work and probably got than one strange look cause I kept giggling uncontrollably to myself on every other page

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    Selling your home is not easy but some people and agents really try to either make you laugh cringe or just plain turn you off buying The comments that go with the photos in this book will have you laughing all the way through while trying not to cringe at some of these homes

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    This book was totally hilarious It's hard to imagine what the real estate agents who took these photos were thinkingHighlights include toilets in kitchens and a horse hanging out INSIDE a houseA uick humourous read I was giggling the whole way through

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    Very entertaining

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    HilariousWe're talking crying with laughter wet yourself laughing kind of funny And if you bring the book out at parties when people have had a few it gets even funnier