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Rebecca Vandoodewaard of The Christian Pundit blogsite gives Biblical advice for women who are in a relationship who wish to be in a relationship or who struggle in an imperfect marriage by addressing the spiritual emotional mental physical and relational effects of intimacy and answering uestions for the single or married such as Where does love fit in? and How do I fit in?

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    I can't even hesitate to said that this was the best book on relationships I've ever read The author goes to the heart of the matter and addresses the topic in a godly and mature way Many times I felt as if VanDoodewaard and I were drinking a cup of tea together because she writes as a mother talking to her daughter I recommend this book to all single women

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    I picked up this book because the title intrigued me I had never heard of the authorFor the most part I enjoyed the book Rebecca has some very good thoughts on things you should ask yourself about potential spouses I loved the last few chapters on the book and wholeheartedly agreed with her on many pointsHowever I disagreed with most of Chapter 2 Marriage will impact you spiritually She went into great detail about how not having a strong spiritual leader for a husband will seriously inhibit your relationship with Christ While I agree one should look for a godly spiritual man who will be a servant leader I don't think it will hamper your walk with Christ as your relationship with Christ is a very personal thing This uote was the most heretical uote of the bookAs a believer your salvation is secure in Christ but the judgement you receive on the Last Day will be greatly impacted by your spouseUm no So I still gave it 3 stars because minus Chapter 2 it was a good read I recommend it for those considering marriage but please use discretion and godly discernment while reading

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    Excellent read I read this to see if it would be appropriate for my teenage daughters to read Full of scripture anecdotes stories of heroes of the faith Spurgeon Luther and sage advice This book sets forth a logical biblical high but reasonable standard for what to look for in a man and what kind of woman to be I was uncomfortable in parts because even after seventeen years of marriage I was convicted by parts of this book There were two things that I took issue with one being very minor and the other being the suggestion that there is a normal standard for sex in marriage and that anything abnormal is the purview of prostitutes eg lingerie I don't see anywhere in scripture that outlines what a man and women may do together in the marriage bed so long as the rest of scripture is kept in mind be honest be kind be forgiving be patient honour our bodies as the temple of the Holy Spirit etc However other than the paragraph that dealt with that the rest of the book was excellent and I highly recommend it I would recommend Love Respect and the Five Love Languages to go along with this book the book presented the the idea that for a woman to be love it will be important for her to be lovable which I agree with; however men crave respect than love and a man who feels respected will have an easier time showing love than a man who is loved but not shown respect I hope my daughters read this and take a hard look at the trajectory of their prospective suitors

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    Marriage is one of the biggest steps any couple can take but the trials and errors of holding to a Christian doctrine in such a stressful and fulfilling relationship can take its toll here begins a guide to figuring out whether the man you want is the man God has chosen VanDoodewaard gives women an insightful look at the beauty of following the choices of Christ in a healthy marriage that is easy to read and share Allow God to show you what must lay within the man of your life and your heart as you progress deeper and deeper into the world of couples and parenthood

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    Great little book Nothing overly amazing or new in there but it was nice and biblical and if you haven't thought about how it matters who you marry from a christian perspective before it is an easy to read short introduction onto the topic It is aimed at women and I really liked how it included a chapter on remembering that you need to be the kind of woman that would be able to be a help meet to the kind of man you want to marry

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    My second favorite book of hers after “Reformation Women”

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    Great Short and to the point

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    A good book to start on when you don't know much but it's also a good idea to read related books from other authors not just this one