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A glance at tabloid headlines reveals that we have an almost insatiable desire to see into the future In our search to know what is to come many turn to the Bible for answers Both the Old and the New Testament are loaded with prophets and prophecies Who were these people who supposedly could predict the future? Have their prophecies come true? Now readers can get to the bottom of 60 crucial Bible prophecies uickly and easily with A Concise Guide to Bible Prophecy This accessible handbook will help readers understand prophecies within their biblical context and avoid common misinterpretations Author Stan Guthrie explains what each prophecy meant to those who first received it summarizes what it means for us today and provides verses or passages for further individual or group study

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    I gave this ok 3 stars for my expectations of the book and not actually for the book itself The book is well written It would make a good 2 month devotional guide as each of the 60 chapters is short and can be read in less than 10 minutes It is filled with scripture However I was expecting the book to be about end timefuture event prophecy The author takes the Bible and basically walks us through 60 OldNew Testament passages and shows what was prophesied and then the fulfillment of the prophecy There is even an application at the end My favorite one was God's answers are better than our prayers I believe the book would be better read by new Christians as an overall guide to bible prophecy If you're a mature Christian who has been reading the Bible for years you might be a little disappointed

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    It is a great book with very specific topics and a brief outlook of prophecy Good for a light prophecy study

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    Another easy to read and understand book Guthrie is an excellent writer and knows his subject He describes 60 predictions from throughout the Bible iincluding showing that the death and resurrection of Jesus was predicted several times in the Old Testament He includes prophecies all the way to the last days I loved the book and even though I have studied the Bible all of my life I still learn all the time and definitely learned reading this book

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    A good read for beginners on the study of prophecyA really interesting book on prophecy based on a different and simplified approachIt's recommended as a beginner book for those who arehave keen interest on prophecy It provide uite a wide and extensive write up events on main prophesies in the Bible

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    I found this book hard going At the end of the book there are about 30 pages telling you how to approach the scriptures and applying the prophecies in something called hermanetics or some such method Woof right over my head

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    Past prophecy reviewedA good read to show how prophesy in the Bible has been fulfilled Also to pinot out how much of mankind's future was foretold in the Bible Too little I feel was devoted to future prophecy perhaps though that was not the purpose of the book

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    Very simply points out prophecies fulfilled or yet to be fulfilled straight from the word of God Great read for a new student of prophecy

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    Good book on prophecy

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    Biblical ProphociesThis book covers 60 prophecies from the Bible He uses both biblical passages and pop culture references to help explain these prophecies to the reader

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    This is a good book but not anything special I had hoped for a little depth Nothing especially bad about the book; just needs substance