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An imprisoned King Conan battles a forgotten evilConan the barbarian king of Auilonia has faced many threats to his throne but none deadly than a traitorous alliance of usurpers backed by the resurrected sorcerer Xaltotun at whose command mountains crumble Stripped of everything he held dear Conan must fight his way out of a villain's dungeon across battle ravaged countries and back to his throne Along the way he meets Zenobia the wily harem slave who will one day reign at his side The fan favorite triumvirate of Timothy Truman Tomas Giorello and Jose Villarrubia faithfully adapt the first half of Robert E Howard's only Conan novelThis volume collects issues #1 #6 of the Dark Horse Comics miniseries King Conan The Hour of the Dragon and is the third volume in an ongoing series featuring King Conan A perfect companion to King Conan The Scarlet Citadel and King Conan The Phoenix on the Sword

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    As good as graphic novels get Ridiculously beautiful artwork fantastic story and an impassioned letter from writer Timothy Truman to the fans of Conan and REH The King Conan series is the finest series of graphic novels I have ever read

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    Believe it or not I really was stuck on the last page of this comic graphic novel? it's technically only 12 of a novel for almost a week I had one picture left to look at when I set it down for travel home and New Year's Eve and New Year's Day games with the kid and then 02 January was the Federal holiday that I discovered I had misplaced the bookBut onward to A REVIEWAged King Conan recalls almost losing his kingdom in his first few years ruling Auilonia A trecherous neighboring monarch a resentful heir to the deposed king and a power hungry ex priest scheme to eliminate the younger King Conan Sorceryand conflicting agendas leave Conan alive and imprisoned as a bargaining chip while the vile trinity struggle for powerThen harem slave Zenobia helps him escape and the table begin to turn as Conan alone in a foreign land battles his way from city to wilderness to bandit outpost tracking the artifact that can defeat the en slavers of his kingdom This and the seuel King Conan The Conueror are the finest of the Dark Horse adaptations of Conan Timothy Truman writes as if he were Robert E Howard back to correct the niggling flaws in the original story and the art team of Tomás Giorello and José Villarrubia make Frank Frazetta look like a fingerpainter No not really but their art is dynamic and moody and seven kinds of awesome for page after pageLike this but bigger and hotter and bloodierAh Zenobia future common law ueen of Auilonia

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    Yet another spellbinding King Conan book these rival imo the greatest ever run by Kurt Busiek and Cary Nord Even if you only have a passing intrest in Conan or any of it's ilk then do yourself a favour and read this book a true classic It is just the first part in a larger story and one I cannot wait to read

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    Nuevo tomo ue llega este mes de las crónicas ue cuenta el viejo Rey Conan con el euipo de TrumanGiorello Esta vez es una historia bastante mas larga de lo habitual y este tomo es solo su primera parte y tendremos ue esperar hasta ue se publiue Conan Rey El Conuistador para conocer el desenlace Esto también es así en la versión americana de Dark Horse siendo 2 series de 6 números cada una Si hace poco era el recuerdo de un gran amor por la reina de la costa negra lo ue embarcaba a Conan en una aventura esta vez es Zenobia su otro gran amor perdido el ue inspira esta crónicaEn ella el escriba ira recogiendo lo ue Conan le cuenta sobre como perdió el trono de Auilonia a manos de hechicero resucitado por sus enemigos y como todo el mundo le daba por muerto Estando prisionero es como conocerá a Zenobia y esta pondrá la libertad al alcance de su Rey para ue inicie la aventura ue le llevará a recuperar el trono y acabar con sus enemigos Mas ue nada porue es el viejo Conan Rey el ue lo cuenta así ue sabemos ue lo logrará pero no como ya ue auí solo tenemos una parte de las desventuras ue Conan habrá de superar para lograrloLos lapices de Giorello siguen dejando muy satisfecho aunue esta vez no contamos con las paginas a lápiz para deleitarnos a modo de extra sino tan solo con las portadas americanas La combinación del lápiz de Giorello con el colo de Villarubia me tienen ganado y hacen ue compre los tomos sin dudarlo sin contar por supuesto con la adaptación ue Truman hace de los relatos de Robert E Howard

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    From a grim throne fashioned from steel and the cold granite of the earth far above the mist shrouded mountains of Cimmeria our indifferent God a God known as Crom gave us a tale to be remembered He used a man named Robert E Howard to divine this tale of King Conan And then many a fortnight later from the wilderness of West Virgina came Timothy Truman and his roguish brethren from Dark Horse Comics who came from many far away places beyond the borders of Koth past the Vilayet sea and across the plains of Corinth to forge this tale as hard as Valyrian steel This may be the single best trade paperback I've ever read

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    Simply excellent The best adaptation from Dark Horse to date The King Conan series is the Conan series to follow these daysFull review

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    Conan já rei e bem avançado em anos relembra suas duas únicas mulheres com uem dividiria uma vida uando o rei luta contra feiticeiros eis uma luta ue teme não vencer O primeiro e insólito encontro com Zenobia num local nada agradável Desenhos bem traçados por renomados artistas e um roteiro com adaptação ue só peca pelo fim abrupto diferente da obra original Mas haverá outro volume esperemosSomente poucos detalhes dignos de melhoria uanto à editoração o verbo é reivindicar

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    The best of the King Conan series so far There is a lot here which will be familiar to the regular Conan reader or to be honest even for those who have just been reading the King Conan series This seems to be a product of Howard's original work and less to do with Truman and Giorello's work One of the top writers and one of the better artists to work on these Dark Horse published graphic novels so than the previous two volumes you can feel the collaboration working well between the two and the whole product is enhanced by their dedication to the story and the continuity in writing and artLots of good stuff I am very much looking forward to the next part in this story

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    víctima de una conspiración el capturado Rey Conan deberá escapar desde las mazmorras para recuperar su trono Relato del canon hyborio ue destaca por la aparición de la esclava Zenobia y goza acá de una lograda adaptación muy potenciada por los lápices de Giorello

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    Fun to read