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The Good Body is a triumphant blend of mordant humor and heartbreak By turns hilarious and poignant it’s the story of retired pro hockey ruffian Bobby Bonaduce who is stubbornly ignoring a disease that may be killing him Bobby returns to his hometown and scams his way into university in a misguided attempt to redeem his messy past and lay emotional claim to a son he abandoned 20 years earlier With this acclaimed novel Bill Gaston demonstrates yet again that he is one of the best chroniclers of men and sports

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    Hockey player in the minors Goes back to college in Fredericton Canada Sees his son Jason and his ex wife Leah He has MS

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    Read in July 2010Oh my This is such a wonderful story that I wonder where I was when the book first came out in 2000 As I said in my first entry here I picked this book up at the library's discards sale Now examining the book I see that there are no library markings and the copy I have was actually published in 2010 by House of Anansi Press How did it get to the library sale? How lucky am I to be the one who found it there Pure serendipityThe Good Body reminds me very much of Paul uarrington's King Leary that I read a couple of years ago and loved Both heartbreakingly funnyBobby Loose Bonaduce is a reluctantly retired professional one game in the NHL hockey player He's been diagnosed with MS but has not allowed that diagnosis to sink into his thick skull Bonaduce reminds me very much of Eddie Shack entertaining and seemingly fearless both on and off the ice lovable goofballs who will never make it to the Hockey Hall of Fame With nothing planned for after hockey Bonaduce returns home to Fredericton where his now remarried ex wife and son still live He decides he'll go back to college in fact cheating to get in and get on with the college hockey team the very team for which his son plays He has never really played a role in his son's life essentially abandoning him and his wife for hockey yet he imagines that he will now forge a father son relationship by virtue of being teammates with Jason And despite the fact that his wife has remarried and interestingly to a great guy who will in the end turn out to be one of Bonaduce's best friends he imagines he can get back the relationship he once had with herTragic and heartbreaking playful and funny this book is one of the best I've read this year Highly recommended

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    I don't as a general rule read books like this I don't like what seems to be called literary fiction books where the focus is almost entirely on the characters and there'swell there's plot but it's mostly there to serve the character's journey of discovery or whatever you want to call itMy life involves a lot of sitting around and thinking and a plot with no clear cut villians or endings I don't want the same out of my escapismI picked this book up because it was tagged as hockey fiction on and I found it easily at the library I'm just getting into hockey fiction I was hoping it would center a little on the game but it didn'tAll that said I liked this book almost entirely on the strength of the main character Bobby Bonaduce is incredibly likable and I couldn't help rooting for him even when he did things that I didn't agree with The supporting characters are all wonderfully drawn and fleshed out too three dimensional There are no bad guys here just people dealing with lifeThe ending isn't epic or especially climactic but it's real Not what I usually pick up but I'm glad I got to know these characters

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    What a great book Bob is a perfect character The writing is super

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    Minor league hockey goon Bobby Bonaduce discovers he has MS and returns to Fredericton hoping for one last chance to play hockey with the son he abandoned His son plays for UNB; to get on the team Bonaduce now a dignified Robert cheats his way into the creative writing MFA program Complications ensueBonaduce is a likable goofball surrounded by good clearly drawn characters and The Good Body is funny and engaging throughout But the ending is unsatisfying This novel could easily slide into sentimentality and one of its great strengths is that it does not But probably because Gaston refuses sentiment the conclusion seems to leave everything unresolved

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    Have you ever see The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke? This is kinda like that movie except instead of the guy being a washed up wrestler he's a washed up hockey player but this book wasn't really as much about hockey as the Wrestler was about wrestlingI liked the book I gave it an average rating just because this isn't a book that I would tell someone OMG YOU HAVE TO READ THIS I read it it was an easy read I read it in 2 days I did find is somewhat hard to put down which is wierd cuz I didn't feel like I was in love with the bookehwhateverread it if you want or don't

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    This was a great read After 20 years playing minor league hockey and never making the pros Bob returns to a small Canadian town to try to reconnect with the son and wife he abandoned years before Goes back to college to Try to play college hockey even though he has been diagnosed with MS well written and much humor in what is basically a tragedy

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    I absolutely loved this book It was very relateable and emotional And as Gaston has pointed out in interviews there is so much great Canadian literature and so much Canadian love for hockey but the two rarely combine And in this instance they do and the result is great

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    Another on the hockey summer reading list; I wanted to like it and the writing was technically solid but it was hard to relate to the protagonist who mostly seemed like an unrealistic dumbass and the ending was out of left field and didn't jive with the rest of the narrative Weird book

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    I read this again and upped my rating I love Bill Gaston This novel is sensitive insightful gorgeously written and unsentimental What films strive to be and often than not fail