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Discover the sizzling sexy and thrillingly romantic New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Caught Up in Love series by Lauren Blakely the author of Seductive Nights This ebook contains the following four books • Caught Up In Us • Trophy Husband • Playing With Her Heart • Pretending He’s Mine Kat Harper reconnects with her first love Bryan who broke her heart years ago Will they rekindle their romance and have a second chance at true love? Read on in Caught Up In Us Sometimes you can't help falling in love even when you try to do the opposite McKenna embarks on a uest for a trophy husband after her ex has ditched her but along the way she meets someone who rocks her world so she'll have to choose between protecting her heart from hurt or letting go of her fears of a new beginning in Trophy Husband When you’re acting the role of a lifetime how can you know if love is real—or all just a part of the show? Twenty three year old rising theatre star Jill McCormick finds it nearly impossible to resist the director of her first play devastatingly handsome Davis Milo especially when they begin staying late in the theater for private rehearsals that uickly spiral into new forbidden territory The full story in Playing With Her Heart Sexy casting director Sutton hires hot young actor Reeve to play her fiancé for a week but after that scorching night at the theater and that hot afternoon in the library are they only playing pretend or is there at stake in Pretending He’s Mine?

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    A great collection of books The books are each a standalone story but the characters do make appearances in the other stories and 2 characters continue in the Seductive Nights series Sexy chemistry throughout and I just love the banter and humor the characters have towards each other or their friendsfamily I like how this author writessmooth and hot stories without overdoing the sex

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    Lauren Blakely's books have become my new addiction Having read the Seductive Nights Series first it was so great to go back and read about all these wonderful characters that started it all I love how Lauren Blakely connects all these characters into intricately woven stories of family and friends They live near each other their brothers and sisters and lawyers and best friends It’s great when you see Julia Clay from Seductive Nights having breakfast and you get a peek into their life months after or Jill Leighton and Milo Davis from Playing with her Heart walking down the street ready for a picture from Jess Leighton I always get giddy when my favorite characters reappear in her books or you make that connection with them I loved every second of these books and can't wait to read about Jill and Milo Matthew Harrigan and I hope John William's best friend's story is around as wellCaught Up In Us I felt fluttery twitchy agitated I didn't know if it was fear or desire Either way there was no turning back I was going there with Bryan going to wherever we were going I didn't feel guilty I didn't feel naughty I didn't feel wrongTake me to your hotel roomI'd never seen a man hail a cab that fast in my lifeLove lost and love found A sweet summer romance full of innocence and soft kisses on the beach ends abruptly for Bryan Leighton and Kat Harper when Bryan breaks her heart and moves to Paris Five years later they meet again and although years have passed they can’t seem to forget each other nor do they seem to want to Bryan is now the CEO of Made Here a successful business man and he is making it his mission to get Kat back the love of his life Kat wants to finish her major start her jewelry business and try to keep her hands to herself when Bryan is around But he steals her breath away and as she remembers his kisses and the feel of his hands on her and how he looks even better after five years she's captivated by her first love In between forbidden late night calls some hanky panky in a bathroom and obstacles that has them hiding their love will they ever be able to get back together and will Kat be able to forgive Bryan for leaving her so long ago A lighthearted feel good romance and a great start to Lauren’s steamy seriesPRETENDING HE’s MINE “All he had to do was talk to her tell her all the things he’d do and she’d shatter in ecstasyHer face was red with heat Her mouth was dry She could barely speak He was doing it again He was stripping her of all pretensions he was tearing down all the ways she’d tried to protect herself He was a chemical reaction to her the thing she couldn’t resist”Sutton Brenner and Reeve are a match made in heaven Their searingly hot chemistry ignites a fire at every turn of the page There was a line that Lauren Blakely writes “It was as if he’d been given the keys to her body and the same for her with him” That pretty much encompasses the relationship between this director and her actorSutton Brenner wants to get the job of directing the film Escorted Lives What she doesn’t expect is having to go and find and escort for herself A man who can pass as her fiancée in front of the Pinkerton’s who own the script and the pervy little wife Janelle Sutton finds the perfect man in Reeve who is a struggling Broadway actor searching for his next gig When Sutton asks him to act as her fiancée Reeve can’t say no to such a provocative proposal His dedication confuses Sutton and his touches and his kisses become a little too real for her Soon she finds herself being swept away by this handsome young actor who knows exactly what to say to ignite all her senses But is what he’s feeling real or are his hot kisses all just an act? I had so much fun screaming at these two telling them how perfect they are for each other TROPHY HUSBAND I want him to kiss me again so badly it’s like an ache that longs to be soothed I want him to run his hands in my hair to pull me closer to savor my lips on his The desire to be near him is so overwhelming that it’s fogging my brain and all I’m seeing thinking feeling is this wish to erase any distance between us This was such a fun read Mind you I’m a complete nerd and love video games and collect comics so needless to say I very much connected with this passionate couple A wonderful homage to Say Anything towards the end Miss Blakely McKenna Bell is Julia Bell’s sister from Seductive Nights and since I read that series first I was so excited to finally read McKenna’s story McKenna is a total fashion forward spitfire who has been burned by love in ways than one Her ex is a total douchebag who left her for a nineteen year old gymnast he met the night before their wedding need I say So now McKenna goes on her own mission to find her very own trophy husband on her internet fashion show ualifications include He must be young He must be hot He must be physically fit He must not work yet not be a bum Come on there’s got to be standards Lol Although fully excited to start on her project she slowly starts to find out that being young and hot isn’t all it’s cracked up to be especially if you don’t have the brains to complete the package Enter Chris McCormick Not only is he hot nerdy and totally smart he’s also a very sexy surfer dude who has his own TV show He’s funny and attractive and McKenna has the total hots for him the only problem is that he doesn’t have all the ualifications for a trophy husbandor does he? It seems like McKenna has found a loophole in her intricate plans to make things work out with her hot surfer boy and Chris although not too keen on being a “trophy” husband is still eager to get close to McKenna which makes for a very steamy very sexy read He definitely makes for the perfect candidate and it’s up to McKenna to decide between her obsessive new project or true loveStars in Their Eyes I shuddered and tingles raced from my stomach to the tips of my fingers lighting up my insides The kiss radiated through me dizzying and delicious and a promise of so much It was the kind of kiss that took over your brain That made you believe in possibilities in perfect chemistry Oh new love New love with a mystery New love and serious situations that make these characters real Little Jess Leighton Bryan Leighton’s sister from Caught Up In Us is all grown up and making her way through college as a Paparazzo She’s one hell of a photographer and she’s also one smart cookie studying pre med at UCLA She finds herself itching for that next wedding shot that will offer her a chance to finish school without the help of her family The only one in her way is the handsomely charming William HarriganWhy is it that British accents are so panty melting hot that and the fact that William Harrigan speaks Italian Spanish Chinese and Japanese just completes the package for this hot British immigrant He also knows how to ignite a flame so bright in Jess Leighton that she doesn’t know whether to run for the hills or right into his arms But there’s to William than meets the eye he has a secret one that he needs Jess for in order to complete his dreamAfter a passionate kiss on the Venice Beach boardwalk both of these characters find themselves caught up in each other and in a series of twists and turns that will either bring them closer together or tear them apart Under all this Lauren Blakely touches upon serious issues First Jess’ struggle with a food addiction something so raw and real that you can’t help but empathize with the heroine And then there’s William’s immigrant situation which kind of hits home nowadays A student who wants the American dream but can’t uite reach it is always heartbreaking Such a wonderful story where love is just a breath away and it’s the answer to clear all woes

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    Get Caught Up in Love I love Lauren's books great box set Caught Up in Us Caught Up In Love #1 5 starsKat and Bryan caught my heart I started this book less than 24 hours ago and really enjoyed it It has many of the classic romance themes falling for your brother's best friend getting your heart broken fighting to the pull of attraction However it kept me very interested and on the edge of my seat I wondered if Kat's business would take off or would she throw it all away hoping for love Or can a girl have it all? And now for a little of the story After having her heart broken by Bryan Kat starts her our jewelry business My Favorite Mistakes 5 years have past since her summer love with Bryan and she is about to graduate and get her MBA Her business is slowly taking off but it is still a one person machine Part of her MBA program pairs her up with a real business to allow the students to learn and help their mentors solve real world problems Kat is paired up the Bryan owner of Made Here a cuff link tie clips and money holders company Her professor believes Bryan can teach her how to take her one woman company and expand it As they work together the attraction comes back in full force However her professor has a no hanky panky rule Will they take the risk will they get caught?Favorite uote He does care for her He always cared for her He always loved her He's madly in love with her Pretending He's Mine Caught Up In Love #2 5 starsI want Reeve chained to my bed Book 2 in the Caught Up In Us series be should to read Caught Up In Us first This is a great love story between Reeve and Sutton which started out for about 3 minutes as pretend and grew uickly Loved the hot public scenes Like Reeve I also suspected Janelle wasn't the prude she sometimes portrayed What a fun job interview for both Reeve and Sutton Reminded me a little of Can't Buy Me Love a great romantic comedy from my teenage years And now a little about the storyReeve is between acting jobs and has just been given a week off without pay from his bike messenger job He's going to need to find something fast to make rent His best friend Jill suggests introducing him to a friend who runs a male escort service While he turns Jill down he gets a call from his agent that Sutton Brenner a hot shot casting director wants to see him She does have him in mind for a part just not an acting in Broadway or film type of role She needs a fiance for the next week to ensure becoming the casting director of the next biggest hit Watch how they go from pretending to falling for each other Favorite uote Even in his wildest hopes he never imagined he'd be wearing only boxer briefs and cowboy boots while handcuffed to a bedpost Trophy Husband Caught Up In Love #3 5 starsWelcome to the hot young husband hunt I really enjoyed this book it was funny and romantic The main character reminded me a lot of myself in that she was constantly interrupting herself day dreaming though not usually getting caught and telling a second story in the middle of her first one Great contemporary love story And now a little about the storyMcKenna was dumped right before her wedding and is still fighting the heartbreak She has to do something to get over Todd She is a successful fashion blogger and has sold her show to the network So she has a good job money she looks and dresses good but she just can't put her heart out there So she decides to get herself a Trophy Husband someone who had a hard body is 23 or under and wants to be taken care of Problem is as she meets these guys they are not all they are cracked up to be They do not get her romantic love of music or have the mentality to keep her engaged in conversation Then after she already has this idea underway she seems to meet the perfect guy problem is he is 29 How will she get out of the Trophy Husband nonsense? Will she be will to risk her heart again? Give this book a try I'm sure you will enjoy it I know I didFavorite passage I breathe in trying to center myself Focus on his eyes Focus on his biceps his belly his pecs Focus on anything other than what’s coming out of his mouth A good body can cover up a lot of flaws A centerfold physiue can mask a poor intellect I try to tell myself Playing With Her Heart Caught Up In Love #4 5 starsPlaying hard never hurt so much Loved this third book in the series or 4th if you count Jill's brothers book Trophy Husband This love story has the right combination of fun torture secrets hot sexy scenes and hope Get caught up in this cast of characters with this latest story centered around Jill the actress and her new director Davis And now a bit about the storyJill has created a protective shell around herself and no one knows the real Jill until Davis After an unsuccessful relationship in high school Jill has never really loved or let anyone else get close But she is an actress so she has built up the perfect fairy tale story with lots of pretend boyfriends and one far away love an actor she saw in a play 6 years ago Now she is up for a part playing the heroine opposite her far away love Only one problem she is falling for the director but will she take a chance with her heart again?Favorite passages I take my bow and say goodbye to the character to the kiss to the possibility of that kind of love Because love like that only happens when it’s make believe “Do than not disappoint me Exceed my expectations” She becomes his and that changes her Okay so now my chest is hot again and I’m ready to take the sheet music and turn it into an accordion to fan myself How is it that everything that comes out of his mouth is a double entendre? Does he even intend to talk this way? “I can’t stand the thought of him kissing you I can’t stand the thought of his hands on you I can’t stand the thought of anyone’s hands on you”

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    This is a good series and I have to say the last book was my favorite It was the steamiest out of the four books but not only that it did the best job of updating us on the previous couples in the only books This is a good series with plenty of romance content and steamy scenes that we all love ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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    I received this book as a gift from Lauren Blakely Having never heard of her stories before and an avid reader I am wiling to give all authors a chance I am glad that I did Each of these stories tell a tale about love How is can completely consume you in ever way The stories characters are intertwined with each of the stories in this box set The first story is the story of Kat and BryanKat fell in love with her brother's college roommate Bryan fell in love with with best friends little sister They spent the summer falling in love but everything has to come to an end Bryan was going to Paris for school and Kat was beginning college at NYU Bryan broke her heart by saying goodbyeFive years past and to graduate with her MBA Kat has to mentor with an alumni who runs his own company When the mentors are brought into the class room Kat comes face to face with the guy who broke her heart Internally begging her professor not to put the two of them together that is exactly what happens Can Bryan win back the only girl he ever loved but broke her heart to do what he thought was best? Will Kat be able to work side by side with her first and only love? Lauren Blakely tells the story of two people who are able of off find what they truly want and that is a movie tale romance The second one is of Reeve and Sutton in Pretending He's MineReeve in and actor who is searching for his next job in New York His friend Jill jokes about becoming an escort in the mean time Sutton is a casting genius vying for the opportunity to win the job for the next big movie Unfortunately they mistake her for another Sutton who has a fiancé she must do what she must do to win this job including getting an actor to play the role of boyfriend fiancé Who else to play the role than Reese Of course the feelings become than an act they become realTrophy Husband McKenna jilted by her fiancé of 6 years the day before the wedding decides to go drastic and change the tides of finding a man Instead of finding a boyfriend she wants to find a trophy husband She devises a plan to use her web show to find a young thing to take up her time The only problem was deep in her heart she wasn't looking for just anyone She wants the boyfriend she wants love Chris a well to do computer geek meets McKenna who he instantly connects with because of her uirky style and easy out going ability to talk about everything McKenna also feels the connection but blows it off because of her contest she is holding Chris becomes one of the contestants and they begin to have perfect dates and meeting McKenna realizes the game is not what she wants She wants Chris the whole package The final story Playing with Her Heart Jill a broadway actress gets the opportunity of a lifetime to be in a show She has guarded her life from everything and everyone trying to keep her heart behind a wall Davis Milo the director who wants Jill as the lead in his play also hides his heart from actresses because he was jilted by one Little to they know that they bring each other's walls down They go back and forth deciding if what they really want is to let someone in These novellas were such cute stories Loved each one of them

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    I've always wanted to read these stories by Lauren Blakely and I was glad that I was able to get this bundled set All the characters are intertwined so it was nice to be able to go freely through the stories I liked this bundled set of stories very much The first story Caught Up in Us is about Kat and Bryan They knew each other five years earlier when Bryan who is friends with Kat's older brother came to her hometown to help with her parents' store They began a love journey that ended when Bryan just left her without any warning From that heartache she starts a jewelry collection and that is where our story begins Now Kat and Bryan are reunited when he is a mentor for her semester at school No matter the years apart the chemistry and love is still there between the two of them They go through some ups and downs until they finally realize how much they mean to each other It was great to see how this couple deals with the love that they still held for each other Lauren does a great job with the flow and keep it very light hearted and simple which I love to read about from time to time A cute love story Pretending He's Mine is next and it focuses on Reeve and Sutton When Sutton hires Reeve to be her pretend fiancé so that she can land a job things get interesting The attraction between them was incredible The story flowed nicely throughout and it was great where the two ended up It was very sweet and hot at the same time I enjoyed it from start to finish and it was a nice easy read that I liked very muchTrophy Husband focuses on Chris and McKenna McKenna couldn't seem to get over her ex so she comes up with a fun way to show that woman can do exactly what a man can and settles on doing a trophy husband competition However when she meets Chris she instantly feels the attraction and doesn't want to go through the contest any The story progresses with their relationship and the intense attraction they have for each other It was hot and romantic and sweet Chris is so lovable and cute I loved that he was kinda of a geek cause it made him that much attractive Once again Lauren does a great job with the flow of the story I enjoyed it and thought it was sweet and light Playing With Her Heart is the last book and it focuses on Jill and Davis When Jill gets casted in a play that Davis is directing they can't seem to let go of the intense chemistry that they felt from one night talking at the bar The whole story goes through their back and forth with what they feel for each other and how their relationship slowly changes from co workers to friends to lovers Davis was definitely the best guy I loved his attitude and the way that he talked It was hard not to like him and Jill was able to found that out for herself I loved their interactions and intense connection It had a great flow and it is one of my favorites from Lauren The characters were awesome and I enjoyed reading about these two Just fantastic Overall all stories were great These were light romantic reads that were also fun The characters were fantastic and everything about the stories made it wonderful to enjoy Lauren does a great job with this series

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    This is a chance to read a great series that should not be missed Every one of these stories made me laugh over the witty banter sigh over the romance and fan myself to calm down over the sexy and steamy love scenes Her characters and storylines are fun realistic and completely drew me into their world Lauren Blakely is an author who's writing is not to be missed out on and this boxed set is a fantastic deal

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    Lauren Blakely fans rejoice Having read each of these lovely books and they're all 5 star reads too I can't recommend them enough Add the bonus of having them all in one boxed set and you've got a recipe for perfect Grab a set for yourself and for your romance reading friends and fall in love x 4

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    I have read all of these and they are all 5 star reads Trophy Husband has Chris one of my all time favorite BB in it And Playing with Her Heart has Davis another BB This is a great series of books with characters that you fall in love with in one book and then they get their OWN book At this price BUY it for yourself and a friend

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    Have you read any of the FABULOUS books by Lauren Blakely? Whether you have or haven't this is the steal of a deal you are going to wantYou get Pretending He's Mine Trophy Husband Caught Up in Us and Playing With Her Heart These books are all 5 star reads from me Come meet and fall in love with Lauren Blakely's AWESOME BBF Only 499 for them all is a sweet deal 1 click today