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Do humans have free Will? What distinguishes morally right from morally wrong action? Does God exist? Does life have meaning? What is the ultimate nature of reality? What are the limits of human knowledge? Philosophy through Film offers a stimulating new way to explore the basic uestions of philosophy Each chapter uses a popular film to examine one such topic from free will and skepticism to personal identity and artificial intelligence in an approachable yet philosophically rigorous manner A wide range of films is employed all of which are readily available through major video rental chains This uniue and engaging introduction provides an exciting new way to learn about philosophy and connects complicated philosophical uestions to the familiar settings of popular culture

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    Another good book that helps explain how film can be used to explore philosophical ideas Ms Litch explores concepts of idealism vs skepticism the value of personal identity and how we create ourselves by our choicesHowever while it has clear moments and even instances where a rich insight appears the book was written it seems for the philosophy graduate rather than the philosophy student At times it is very dense and a minor uibble it uses a very tiny serif font Garamond? that is very hard to read It's one thing to try to understand hard concepts; it's another to have to also try to read letters that swim across the page

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    From what I remember this book felt like a hodgepodge of different films and different themes I think I would have enjoyed it if the writing was focused and perhaps with a different selection of films Not bad but not great