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The best selling contemporary romance series First Class Novels is now available in this boxed set All nine books in the series are here and AJ has included a BONUS 15000 word novella that tells the love story of Peter and Maureen Lathem available ONLY in this set Download your copy now and begin reading the sexy and wealthy Lathem brother’s true love story The Lathem family is all about love trust loyalty respect and family They still eat dinner together every Sunday and vacation together too Each story focuses on one of the brothers finding their own happily ever after and First Class Voyage and First Class Farewell involve the entire Lathem clan Love sex fun loss and heartache are all included in these books that will you keep you captivated from the first page of the first book to the last page of the final story

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    What a terrific series so sad it has ended The hot sexy Lathem brothers' stories have sizzled been filled with drama and lots of love I got hooked on Matt and Janie's story in First Class to New York Matt Lathem wealthy handsome twice divorced bumps into Janie a widow with teen sons at the Portland airport on their way to New York Sparks fly and soon they are inseparable Due to a misunderstanding Janie returns alone to Portland in First Class to Portland Matt and Janie remain my favorite couple in the series In First Class Justice Katy Janie's friend testifies against the man who almost raped her Mark Matt's brother had rescued her and now finds himself falling in love with the very independent Katy I enjoyed Katy's blunt remarks and cringed as she tried to get over everything on her own Katy learns to allow in Mark's love for her Shelby is introduced and her story of her abusive pastFirst Class Voyage was my favorite family reunion story I loved how Maureen mother of the Lathem brothers pushed Katy to marry Mark and Katy refused All of the Lathem brothers made an appearance in this one and Janie's mother has her own wonderful side story I enjoyed the interaction with the family on the cruise The basketball game among the brothers was fun Katy's son Derek and Janie's sons and Janie and Matt's kids all add to the mixFirst Class Hero is all about Paul and Nicole This one was my least favorite only because I didn't feel the spark between Nicole and Paul until near the end of the story I liked that Paul was a Navy Seal and a hero and that Nicole was a teacher; that part of the story I truly enjoyedFirst Class Menu is a funny romantic story of David a curator at an art gallery taking a cooking class from Lindsey an executive chef that became private lessons They made a fun couple and I enjoyed David discovering his artistic sideFirst Class Rescue is Tim and Beth's story Tim is a firefighter who rescued Beth's dog Cleo She was an editor in New York though she was from England The description of firefighting scenescues were detailed and touching Cleo kept arriving back at Tim's firehouse; her dog played matchmakerFirst Class Stamp is a love triangle between Ben and two single mothers Terrific that the mothers are seen as attractive women each with a wonderful son This story starts in Brazil and describes the pre olympic protests along with a suspenseful issue of who is targeting MEL Holdings Brazilian building The need for a stamp unites Ben to both sons but it is the mothers Maria and Sophia who catch his attention He falls in love with one and introduces the other to her love interestFirst Class Farewell starts off very differently One of the characters is killed The events leading up to the death is skillfully woven So sad so touching The Lathem family including Shelby arrive at Matt's place in the Bahamas to celebrate the life of a deceased loved one and to celebrate births pregnancies and new true love between two that had been growing over the years It is a fun loving touching end to the seriesFirst Class Devotion is the story of Maureen and Peter the parents of the Lathem brothers I enjoyed both of them whenever they appeared in the series so it was fitting that their love story that had lasted over 60 years and produced handsome successful sons who created their own love stories was included Maureen tells the touching romantic love story of Peter and her Their struggles to overcome parental resistance loss and the transition into their first year of marriage One of the things I loved about the series is how much in love and how affectionate the Lathem brothers were with their wives as well as Maureen and Peter Each brother had his own personality and story Each of the women they fell in love with had their own personality and story It kept the series interesting with my wanting to know what happens next I enjoyed discovering how terrific Matt and Janie's HEA was In each story they had their own fun sexy scene I recommend this erotic romance series for the diversity of the stories the family that is always there for each other and the love that is woven throughout

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    I have read each of the books in this series There really is absolutely no accurate way to express the uality and magnitude of each one A rating system was difficult for me I felt 5 was never high enough Take eight brothers all with distinctive personalities being guided by two strong loving monarchs and you get wonderful individualized life journeys Book 1 8 is the detailed paths chosen by each brother to reach a fulfilled satisfying placement in their lives both professionally and personally Oh What paths they are Nothing smooth or easy about them down right treacherous at times Full of suspense romance emotions your heart will be all over the place serious life subjects comedy array of family relationships etc No journey or life path would be complete without characters that touch and impact in some way Supporting and vital roles that help encourage and provide assistance when needed You get to meet and lovedislike some amazing primary and secondary roles in these love stories Great the way stories are extended into the next book Each one has a HEA but you get to revisit them The writing style and format help make for very uick and smooth reads It is difficult to put them down Excellent usage of descriptive terminology so realism is felt as you read Book 9 does a superb job of bringing a full circle conclusion to this outstanding series The storyline does a great job interconnecting new and preexisting material Book 10Devotion is a sweet in depth look into the start and formation of the relationship that brought about this entire family You get to see how the monarchs of the family found each other and fell in love This is by far one of the best series you will ever read Your reading world will forever be affected They will have a piece of your heart when you finish I HIGHLY RECOMMEND AndreaAH

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    What an incredible series The First Class books will take you on a journey of love family friendship heartache and triumph Each book delves a little deeper into each of the Lathem boys' lives while still keeping the reader up to date on the goings on of the characters in the previous books AJ Harmon has captured the lives of the Lathem family with masterful precision; as the reader you feel like you are in the room with them as the story unfolds You will laugh cry be annoyed and feel triumphant I feel like I know the Lathem family and want them to invite me over for Sunday dinnerAJ Harmon has captured the lives of one close knit family in the First Class books It is a wonderful series and I highly recommend it

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    This series covers the love lives of all seven of the children one grand son and of course the matriarch parents story Each story line touches topics that are sensitive or in some cases controversial This set includes gay marriage and adoptions infertility child abuseneglect rape assault lies betrayal insecurity and but over all love is primary I like how you go right from one book into the next and it just keeps taking off from the previous book While each book is about a different relationship all the characters from the previous books are still mixed in so you can see how interconnected each family member is with the rest Great Series

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    Wow what a great set of books True romance loving families finding your one true soul mate friends babies love a great price for ALOT of books What could you ask for?? If you like sweet romances sexy brothers 7 to be exact sexy moments continued characters not one main character was annoying all at a great price then buy this set of books They will make you laugh and cry and wish that you had met a Latham man of your own Kudos AJ Harmon for a wonderful feel good series with great characters

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    A Truly Special FamilyI started this journey by readinga free copy of the first story First Class to New York I loved it so much that I went and bought the entire series I totally fell in love with the Lathem family I laughed cried and felt This tremendous author makes you feel which is the greatest gift a reader can experience I can't wait to read by this author

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    I downloaded the first book in this series because it was being offered for free I fell in serious like with this series family and author and immediately downloaded the whole series in bundle I was not disappointed Each story is uniue and full of sweetness and charmHighly recommend for anyone in need of some happily ever after endings and just enjoy a sweet story with a few angst but mostly charm

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    A Glorious Tale of Love and FamilyIf you love to read stories of love and romance with hot and sexy couples this is for you It not only held my interest through 9 books it has adventure mystery trials and some heartache In the end it is wonderful look into a big noisy flawed family and the love they have for each other HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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    As others have done I did not realize that there was a complete collection till I read the 1st for free and the 2nd I purchased and then the collection I enjoyed the suspense of which son would fall next It was fun to hear about different places in NY Cityand the city lifestyle I look forward to reading of AJ's books in the future

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    I have to say I have to say I am going to miss the Lathems I have loved each story and then to get to read the parents story was just wonderful Each brother was sexy caring and you fell in love with each of them I have to say I love Matt the best but wasn't disappointed in any of them Looking forward to reading the next series