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John Patrick has some serious imagination, action, and description going on in this book While I read, I could imagine each scene playing out in my mind It s fiction about Dark Angels, better known as the Angels that fell from Heaven during the revolution tribulation, the second coming , but takes a completely different spin Nyx is the queen of Hell and Lucifer is her second in command Angels have always fascinated me, so when presented with Plague of Angels, I couldn t resist I will say this If you re a Christian and don t understand the difference between the Bible and a fictional piece of literature for the sake of reading, or perhaps cinematic appeal in the future, then don t read this book It spins everything upside down on its head and I won t say anything due to spoilers All I can say, is I hope to God I go to heaven, and not the hell that John Patrick describes in Plague of Angels. Holy Hell s Balls Batman Most of the time reading this book I was like WHOA You know, like the song Ok, maybe you don t I digress This book is pretty dark I would not recommend this book for people who are closed minded, afraid of blood, adverse to reading about torture, uptight, very religious, shy away from cussing, or looking for a light hearted book You will probably be very disappointed Trust me.If you can get past all of these, then I would highly recommend you read this book It s so different from anything I have ever read before Granted, I read very few dark books I love the way the author weaved actual history into the story and came up with such a great plot I did not like the fact that the angels spoke in modern English, when the story takes place many centuries before America was even discovered I found it annoying I am intelligent enough to understand that the author really didn t have a choice in this How else is he supposed to tell his story The use of the f word throughout so much of this book was unnecessary There are plenty of other ways to convey the same intensity or emotion I literally laughed out loud that people have tagged this book as Romance Are you kidding me There is NOTHING romantic about this book Thank goodness All in all though I have to say I quite enjoyed how the story played out I would definitely recommend this book to most of my friends But some should definitely shy away. Nyx Is Queen Of Hell And Ruler Of The Angels Who Were Banished There The Descended And When The Rest Of The Angels Are Called Home, Nyx Finds Herself Stuck On The Earth With The Son Of God To Her Surprise, She Learns That He Is No Happier Than She God S Son Thought He Was Sent Down To Judge Humanity Instead, He Becomes A Sacrifice For A Cause He Does Not Believe In Their Redemption After His Mortal Body Dies, The Son Of God Makes Nyx An Offer A New Paradise On Earth If She Will Help Him Destroy Humanity With Two Of Her Fellow Angels By Her Side, Nyx Launches A Thousand Year Campaign Of Violence, Sex, Betrayal And Intrigue To Bring Down God S People And Have Them Worship Her Instead From The Back Streets Of Jerusalem To The Palaces Of Rome, From The Temples Of Egypt To The Pope S Bedchamber, Nyx And Her Companions Work To Destroy The Worshippers Of God But Not All Is As It Seems And The Son Of God Has Bigger Plans Than Any Of Them Imagine 1.5 StarsRead all my reviews on I wanted to like this book I honestly did I d won it in a BookLikes giveaway and I m always hoping those are good books, and the synopsis sounded really interesting However, immediately from the start the book and I didn t get along.Nyx is queen of the underworld after being expelled from heaven While she s waiting for her loved one to return she s tormenting a lot of people on earth.Okay, I really didn t like it It s been a while since I disliked a book this much I m not completely sure what it is exactly, because at times I wanted to know what was happening but overall, it couldn t really hold my interest and it took me a lot of time to finish it I was really glad when I eventually managed to finish it.I was warned up front by the author that the book was not for the weak of heart, easily offended people, but I m not one of those When I feel there s a reason for something in a book I don t mind it I think this is what bothered me most in this book There is a lot of violence and sex in this book that just seems to be there for the sake of it It s not advancing the plot in any way I d say there was not enough plot for me to fill the book I didn t like the characters either Most likely it was just really not for me and there might very well be people who will enjoy reading it It certainly had some originality to it But I will pass on the rest of the series.Plague of Angels is the first book in The Descended duology, the second book is Scorn of Angels.I received a free copy of this book through a BookLikes giveaway. Controversial, challenging, dark and imaginative, first time author John Patrick Kennedy is introduced with his first novel Plague of Angels The Descended It gives a twisted re imagining of the relationship between God and his angels Devout Christians will no doubt find it insulting, historians will shudder at his impressments of true figures and events into his world, but in all cases he challenges your view of faith and Christianity.The lead character is a fallen angel, Nyx, who was a leader in the angelic rebellion against God The Bible tells us Lucifer led the rebellion, but in Plague of Angels, Lucifer is merely a captain while Nyx is the real leader of the angels that rose up against God In the viewpoint of Nyx, the rebellion against God had been one of free will the angels should have the same free will as God himself Defeated, Nyx and the surviving Descended take over Hell.The main story really begins when the Son of God is born of Mary, and Nyx, still compelled by the Word, is chosen by God to tempt him for 40 days in the desert Jesus the man continues his ministry until his crucifixion, but the Godly spirit that filled the body of Jesus called Tribune in Plague of Angels, continues on The remaining 250 pages follows Nyx as she reacts to the development of the new religion of Christianity, and an on again, off again, but in all ways very provocative relationship with Tribune.In Kennedy s world there is no true good God is a manipulative presence and definitely there is no true evil Nyx may be a bitchy underworld figure but she reckons she ended down in Hell by the unfair and unfriendly minions of the draconian system of heaven.The truly tantalizing parts in Plague of Angels are how Kennedy crafts in historical events His evil characters of Persephone and Ishtar, led by Nyx, corrupt the Catholic hierarchy in a bid to wrest control of God s new religion It is a book with twists and turns and an astonishing finale It is a book where no one can be trusted, from Heaven or Hell Kennedy shows a delightful and crafty imagination in the complications of his plotting.The secondary characters needed better development Nyx and Persephone are three dimensional and delightfully nuanced, even with a few rough edges Many of the other characters, especially Tribune and Ishtar, needed depth But then this is Kennedy s first novel, and obviously the first of a series, so I expect that Nyx will re emerge again I ll be looking forward to the time when this wronged angel returns. Plague of Angels is a captivating fantasy with a plot based on what we all know to traditionally be Heaven and Hell I was completely amazed with the imagination and detail that was put into every single line of this story I was also impressed with the accuracy of the historical aspect which inspired the writing The plots continued to grow with unexpected twists and I was feeling like I couldn t get to the next page quick enough Any author with the ability to pull off a modern day fantasy combined with religious history, is pure geneous ARC was given for an honest review3.5 4 StarsThis isn t the type of book I would usually read and it took me a good few weeks as I kept picking it up and putting it down, I just couldn t decide whether I liked it or not, so I decided to look at it objectively and note my likes and dislikes hence we have 4 stars Likes1 It was very well written and I found the writing style interesting.2 I loved Nyx I can t put my finger on why, but someone who simply decides she s the Queen of hell Well, she s my kind of woman She s compassionate but cruel and she makes many a questionable decision.3 We didn t fall into a load of B.S about religion in what could have been a book rife with religious speculation and interpretation which would, incidentally, have been one ginormous snooze fest 4 It was fast paced, in some moments completely enraptured, at others I found myself just simply not caring.Dislikes1 There were errors in editing, I found a few missing words, a few extra words Perhaps someone partially edited the first half then didn t bother so much with the second half 2 It was a little too gory for my taste, I guess if you like that kind of thing then it will definitely work for you but I generally attempted to skim those parts. Literally blew my mind Word of warning, this book is not for those who are easily offended as the content is graphic and controversial But, if you are ready for a dark adventure into the world of Hell on earth, then this book is for you.Nyx, the queen of Hell, has a mission to make mortals turn away from God and worship her so that one day earth would become her Paradiseand she has 1000 years to do it This plan was planted in her head by a force powerful than her, one who is looked upon as the epitome of all that is Good but is He really The author delicately weaves the evilness in Nyx the fallen angel with layers of vulnerability and self doubt which makes for an intriguing and rich character.Plague of Angels challenges Christian religious beliefs retelling biblical history in a never before seen light The writing is sharp and vivid, never lacking of action or description Kennedy s style is refreshing, creative, and completely out of the box.A definite favourite for me despite moments when I had to shake some of the graphic images from my mind Themes in the story made me reflective of what evilness is happening now in society and wondering who or what is behind it all.A resounding 5 out of 5 stars Can t wait to read book 2 I just finished reading Plague of Angels by John Patrick Kennedy Talk about a page turner This book took me by surprise, as I expected a story whose main characters are angels with the backdrop of heaven, hell and earth to be too far removed from reality to make for an interesting read This book went well beyond my expectations Kennedy takes a very difficult context with some very challenging protagonists, such as Saint Michael, God and a character called the Nyx, who is the self proclaimed Queen of Hell The menagerie of characters and interplay with historical events keeps the story interesting as it progresses The story, as can be expected, is well interwoven with some well known traditional biblical stories and traditions, but it does not venture into becoming religious diatribe The author avoids imposing a specific theological doctrine upon the reader, but instead weaves an entertaining adventurous tale involving a host of brethren angels involved in conflict among themselves and mankind, allowing the reader to formulate their own message from the contest As a reader I found myself in a love hate relationship with the lead character Nyx, as she engages in vile and cruel behavior, but at the same time crosses over into an occasional fleeting moment of compassion as she reflects on the paths she has taken At times she gives you the creeps, but also ensnares you conspiratorially into her sinister plotting.Overall the story moves along at a good pace, inclusive of a lot of action intermixed with the right amount of surprising moments, keeping a great balance The author has done a marvelous job with a very difficult subject to craft into a work of fiction, and it will leave you with the desire to read the next book in the series Well worth the read. This book really had the potential to be awesome, because, let s face it for those of us who aren t religious the son of God meekly submitting to his fate is boring, but the son of God being pissed and partnering with the queen of hell to get revenge is awesome Unfortunately, the execution of the novel is not awesome the fight scenes read like Michael Bay fan fiction and take up way too much of the plot, the sex and debauchery likewise add nothing to the story Nyx is creatively imagined, as is her relationship with Persephone, Ishtar, and humankind but their dialogue needs improvement The comparison to Game of Thrones is apt in one regard you read just to know what happens, not because you re necessarily enjoying the experience Kennedy has a chance to delve deep and get interesting with some key themes free will, compassion, the meaning of existence but instead went for the pulp, which is disappointing I wish an editor had handed him the 20 or so excellent pages that skim the surface of those ideas and told him to start over from there Oh well, proof that sex sells triumphs over potential for genius.