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Samar Garg lost his peace after his beloved passed away Navya Sharma abandoned her peace in the hands of drugs Vandana doesn't want to let go off her peace but destiny has other plans for her We are all looking for peace of mind So are they An adventure which began at the Ashram in Rishikesh becomes one of the most soul crunching journeys ever Will they find out what they are looking for? Will they find Inner Peace? Will in the process of reading this book you find out a thing or two about yourself? Read to find out

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    The Book is fairly good Though there are bits and pieces in the books that I uite was unable to resonate like how do you send a meth addict who has been rehabilitated just 2 weeks back to cure or help another meth addict? or the Inner peace that the author was looking for he got that after falling in love with a girl other than who he was truly in love with very absurd? So the ultimate message is when you are not at peace fall in loveThough there are 2 things i liked about the book1 The poem You know what is the worst thing in the world?you are amidst this crowd a swarm of peoplewho think they connect with you Everyone of them in their own wayBut in reality you are being ripped apartconnecting with each one of themit is a constant struggle to connect with someone To be heard to be understood to be loved to be accepted and it is done with a glimpse of hope that someone from these known and unknown facesWill hear you out someone with a warm and genuine smile Will touch your heartAnd that's precisely when perhaps you would say'Yes that's me'2 The thought portrayed in the below line Respect your life plant faith in your potentialyou're not a servant to a chemically altered mind It is a sign of weakness

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    Im usually very very apprehensive about reading modern Indian authors and I have very good reason too Being an optimist I yet again picked up what I thought would be an interesting read but with NO surprise it too turned out to be a crappy attempt at a novel The books boasts an interesting title n also a mildly interesting snippet at the back It talks of a guy who's lost in a uagmire of emotions of guilt confusion apathy etc etc after losing what appears to be th love of his life And ends up at an ashram looking for peace The things that does work for this author is that at parts he really does convey a few good thoughts on how one needs to tackle the problems life throws at u but there is hardly anything new thereit's mostly things u find in most of today's self help books or even NLP for that matter I think that's about it for what's good bout this flimsy novelThe BIGGEST n the most annoying con of this release is the fact that clearly it did NOT have a good editor or the author itself is bad in the first place The novel Is painfully filled with such BASIC editorial lapses like huge omissions pathetic grammar blatant confusion in character names while describing a scenario and certain lines which does not make any sense at all Often or not I felt myself re reading a para n getting confused a specific example of this would be the chapter where Vandana shares her sob story n the author confused Vandanas name with Divyas in some key scenes The amount of omissions is HORRENDOUS a few omissions of words I can forgive but when it gets to the point where it disturbs the readers flow u have a serious problemThe characters are uiet stupid in some regard and the events in this book are reeelly hard to believe you have the selfless but lost protagonist suppose its the author as the protagonists name is samar garg an supposedly annoying con artist of an aunty sidekick to accompany the hero and lastly u have the 2ND Meth Head love of the hero's life who instantly gets cured of her long term addiction by the simple tool of Visualization done in one day Together these assorted characters will go through BLATANTLY plagiarized scenarios like cooking meth to raise money for cancer treatment cough Breaking cough Bad cough RIPOFF Unrealistic events like easily stealing pseudo restricted substance from a huge chemical plant transporting 50lakhs hard cash via flight services learning to cook meth in 3days with a detailed restricted illegal book Disturbing lines where the protagonist makes love to his meth head gf in the ashram while carelessly sayin that they felt no awkwardness in the swamiji watching?? guessing this musb an editorial error but STILLoO etc etc I could go on n on about the generic crap that's filled in this novelI honestly do NOT understand why we have such an overwhelming amount of shitty modern Indian writers maybe it's cos we the readers are ok with the mediocre trash these ppl spew out Food for thought cos I only picked this guy's books after reading rave reviews bout the author Guess I should've guessed as much when I discovered the book is published through his own publishing houseClosing thoughts I regret spending 80bucks as low as that maybe on a crappy book whose only redeeming n interesting factor I discover now is its well done comical cover art Having said that and done ranting bout this disappointing read I think I have found my inner peace;oP

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    Looking back I think I picked this book despite its rather 'boring' content cause the name really caught my eyeBut when I started reading it at the turn of every page all said was 'Come On Mr Garg I don't have all day'Fortunately for me I mustered up all the courage and put it back on the shelf to be read on a later date when I really don't have ANYTHING to doI guess cause I did not finish it the book is about some people facing difficulties in life they are not in position to deal with in the start and how some life changing interaction with guru makes all the broken pieces come togetherNot my typewell

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    The worst crime an author can commit is plagiarism And Sachin Garg committed it with utter shamelessness His story turns to meth and a friend suffering from lung cancer The incident of Red phosphorus explosion Point to point stolen from Breaking Bad I wonder how Sachin manages to keep his inner peace after committing such a crimeEncounter with Vandana and conversation with Swamiji are the highest point of this book and after that it's a disaster No sense of writing style No idea about how to mount a situation or build up emotions Nothing to enjoy and on top of that it's trying to give gyaan Gyaan coming from an author who commits plagiarism irony of ironiesDon't waste your time on this shit Read the full review

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    I actually picked it up with a lot of hope but the saddest thing is that the book is copy of popular television show Breaking Bad

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    He had surpassed Chetan Bhagat for me in his first two novelshis third one was good toobut somehow I just could not connect with the latest one for it feels like going back to school after you have finished your mastersAt its best its another usual Indian author novel where characters from the older book are pickeda couple of new characters added some thrill and adventure here n therelove in ample strange unbelievable things coming trueand finally ending on happy notes specially since the last one ended on tragic notesAll I am glad is I didn't pre order this bookI am no longer waiting for the next in series to comethough I know I would pick up the next too but somehow the expectations are dippingbut then if the third one in Clifton series by Archer couldn't hold me I maybe was looking forward for too much

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    The most badly written edited plagiarised grammatically incorrect book i have ever read by an Indian author or any author by far There are countless examples of lines thats are grammatically SO incorrect that they make no sense at all The title illustration of the book are a complete mislead I would NOT suggest any of my friends or anybody in general to read a book by Sachin Garg He needs to make some SERIOUS improvements in his writing skills I felt no connection what so ever to any character or the story itself

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    I thought the editing was very poor I could see a lot of typos sentences that needed a word to complete it To add to that the use of typical Indian English did not uite charm me Other than that the story line was engrossing enough which I think is the only reason I could finish reading it

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    This is the first book of Sachin Garg that I have read and it was an utter disappointmentIt felt down right plagiarized The story of Breaking Bad in a Indianized version Not worth a read at all

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    boring and childish written by immature new age chetan bhagat inspired kiddos