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The amazing people profiled in this book channeled their passions into various venues Artists who created astonishing works ranging from Cézanne’s still lifes of apples to Michelangelo’s miraculously carved statues of stone rendered to perfection in polished marble Authors who wrote books that encouraged thought and change from Bronte’s lyrical prose to Harriet Beecher Stowe’s groundbreaking work on slavery Composers whose lives were in stark contrast with their music often rendered in the bucolic sounds of Swan Lake or the Moonlight Sonata Finance and Industry represents a composite of profiles of the richest people in the world from the founder FW Woolworth to the king of e commerceJeff Bezos Scientists who have discovered DNA the “secret of life” to Einstein working on a one inch long euation representing “the theory of everything” There are compelling stories found in other genres as well but all have one thing in common they have all impacted our lives – both individually and globally

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