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A night neither one of them can forgetWhen Jade Conner attends her friend’s wedding she never intended to slip out of the reception and enjoy a one night stand with the sexy best man Rhys CunninghamA lieutenant governor willing to bend the law to keep a family secret hidden foreverWhen Rhys begins to receive threatening letters a secret he’s kept hidden for eighteen years is about to be exposed if he doesn’t find some way to stop itA blackmailer with a hidden agenda who wants to expose it allInstead of going to the police Rhys hires Jade to go undercover as his executive assistant to find out whose sending the threats Jade refuses to let their one night together interfere with the job she’s been hired to do But maintaining a professional relationship with the man who made her toes curl becomes a little difficult when every time she turns aroundshe ends up under his covers

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    This is Jade and Rhys's storyJade is a private investigator hired by Rhys to discover who is sending him threatening letters and potentially threatening his life Rhys is the lieutenant governor for their state who also happens to have come from a wealthy background The two met prior to Jade's being hired at her boss's wedding Rhys happens to be best friend with the boss's husband and was the best man Jade was a bridesmaid After the wedding the two participated in a one night it can never be anything than this stand who no one else knew about Thinking that she would never hear from him again she is surprised when she is not only hired for the job but reuired to go undercover for the first time as Rhys's executive assistant A job that will mean that she is to be in daily close contact with him for several monthsI'm walking away after reading Under His Cover kind of lukewarm and I didn't REALLY like it but I didn't DISlike it either So I had to wonder what is was What was it that didn't tip the scales for me either way You know how sometime you can read a really good book but you have to walk away from it because it just wasn't the right TIME for that book? Like eating a really good Mexican plate but you had a taste for Chinese so the meal doesn't really get the credit it deserves? Was it THAT kind of book or were there really issues that I had with the book?So I had to stop and think Yes I know That could be dangerous in and of itself LOLI think one thing that bothered me was that there were a lot of times in the story where we were told something but not necessarily given the option to find this out on our own or to even see it Personally I do much better when I see the actions instead of just being told the outcome Don't just TELL me about her feelings show me I hear the song from My Fair Lady bouncing around in my head I'm fine if you reiterate that point through words but SHOW me something in the actions and thoughts of the characters Give me the opportunity to figure it out This can also appease all of us who are the Missouri show me state kind of peopleAnother issue that I had was with Jade's professional skills I try REALLY HARD not to be the person that overanalyzes a character to death or to rant that the heroine was just too stupid to be believable or say that is NOT how you do that job in real life but I have to admit that I did have some issues with this woman's skills or lack thereof She is supposed to be an investigator with a parent and siblings in law enforcement but we get halfway through the book before she even thinks about background checks In addition as she is shuffling through Rhys's girlfriends and calling them in an effort to sniff out suspects she doesn't investigate the woman she suspects as his current love interest at ALL and has to be told by HIM who the woman is and what place she has in his life These are just a few samples of the issues For me the count was just too high to discountLastly the biggest stone that weighed the story in the down side of the scale for me was that the characters just didn't jump out at me I just didn't really connect with them I liked the plot of the story but there were times when I kind of wandered off because it really wasn't keeping my attentionAll in all going back to my food analogy I don't think this was just a case of having a taste for something else I think this was just an okay meal for me The fact that I really liked the plot pulled it up into the like category

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    Finally a book about a woman built like me and knows how to work her stuff Jade Conner sees what she wants and not to keep forever and he Rhys Cunningham wants her for a night too Although she doesn't believe that this will lead to anything but a one night stand both of them are in for a big surprise what the heart wants it wants