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Praise for the Hal Challis series “Garry Disher is an old favorite of mine and it’s about time American readers got a shot at him”—Scott Phillips author of Cottonwood and The Ice Harvest “A first rate Australian author”— The New York Times Book Review Inspector Hal Challis has been summoned to Mawson’s Bluff his childhood home in the Australian Outback where his father is dying Sergeant Ellen Destry is left to head an investigation into a ring of pedophiles that has descended on the peaceful Mornington Peninsula a resort community near Melbourne A little girl has been abducted from the fairgrounds at the annual Waterloo Show; it takes her mother twenty four hours to report her missing By then hope is slim that the police will find the child before it is too late Challis’ sister’s difficult husband disappeared from the Bluff four years ago; since then Meg has received nuisance mail that she assumes comes from him While Challis is in town an extra buried body is discovered when a new grave is dug in the local graveyard A black plastic bag containing the corpse of Meg’s husband is found on top of a coffin that was interred four years earlier With two very different crimes to solve Challis and Destry have their work cut out for them Garry Disher is the author of than forty books for children and adults Two of his mysteries have won the German Crime Fiction Critics Prize He lives near Melbourne in Australia

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    I was pleasantly surprised by this since I picked up the 4th book in a series it had a lot meat than his Wyatt series an Australian version of Parker Very good police procedural with a couple of twisty mysteries going on at the same time as a budding romanceThe accent takes a bit of getting used to especially the way some words are pronounced but otherwise people are people I found the country side descriptions somewhat sparse but interesting

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    Chain of Evidence by Garry Disher is number four in the Australian homicide investigator Hal Challis series In Chain of Evidence Challis has taken a leave of absence to care for his terminally ill father and while there also decides to investigate the disappearance of his sister's husband a man with plenty of enemies The husband who exhibited wide ranging behaviors before disappearing left behind his vehicle in a secluded area and is believed by most to have committed suicide Meanwhile those back in Waterloo are deep into the investigation of an abducted young girl while also dealing with a large troublemaking family known to be violent most would like to see disappear from the Earth Disher continues this uality police procedural series with compelling storylines and continues to develop all of the regular characters while propelling them forward in a believable manner Chain of Evidence is recommended to those that enjoy police procedurals with developing characters and interesting investigations

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    When Inspector Hal Challis’ sister Meg telephoned him saying their dad was dying Hal took a month off work much to the disgust of his supervisor But the importance of this journey from Melbourne to South Australia was foremost in his mind – the last time he’d visited his family had been at his mother’s funeralWhile sitting with his father with nothing to do but think he became consumed with the disappearance of Meg’s husband Gavin some eighteen months previously Gavin had never been found but Meg had received some strange letters and other correspondence She suspected Gavin had run off maybe to Sydney or some other far flung placeMeanwhile Sergeant Ellen Destry had been left in charge in Hal’s absence and her first case almost immediately was of a missing girl from near her school Katie Blascoe had vanished on the way home and Ellen was concerned because of a paedophile ring which was rumoured to be operating in the area There was also the worry of a family of trouble makers in the area one young male having recently been acuitted on a technicality Was Ellen in over her head? And were her suspicions of a leak within the department correct? Plus was Hal causing trouble with him being out of his jurisdiction? Chain of Evidence is the 4th in the Inspector Challis series by Aussie author Garry Disher and I was a little disappointed in it It seemed to hold a lot of unnecessary extra “stuff” and there were a lot of characters to keep up with The focus was also on Ellen in this title with Hal on the sidelines Disher writes a good crime novel though so I’ll continue to read his titles Recommended for fans of the genre

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    Chain of Evidence is book four of the Inspector Hal Challis series by Garry Disher Inspector Hal Challis had to go back home after he received a phone call from his sister telling him that is Father is dying Why Inspector Hal Challis was on leave Sergeant Ellen Destry was in charge of the Peninsula East's Crime Investigation Unit and his home However Inspector Hal Challis started to investigate the murder of his sister's Meg husband and Sergeant Ellen Destry began to investigate the disappearance of a ten year old girl The readers of Chain of Evidence will follow the twist and turns in Inspector Challis and Sergeant Ellen Destry investigations to see what happens I enjoyed reading Chain of Evidence I love Garry Disher portrayal of his characters especially Inspector Hal Challis and the way Garry Disher intertwines Hal with his other characters and the plot of Chain of Evidence Chain of Evidence was well written and researched by Garry Disher I like the way Garry Disher intertwine the two stories throughout Chain of Evidence I love the way Garry Disher ensures that I am engaged in the plots of Chain of EvidenceThe readers of Chain of Evidence will learn about the importance of family and friends Also the readers of Chain of Evidence will start to understand the role and procedures of law enforcement in two statesI recommend this book

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    When 10 year old Katie Blasko goes missing Ellen Destry is in charge of the case Katie's from one of the local Estates – a poor run down area full of dysfunctional families violence and drugs Nearly everybody on the investigation team is pretty sure that Katie's disappearance is yet another family out of control Katie's either fallen prey to her mother's de facto she's run away or any of the other things that happen all too freuently to little kids on the Estate Ellen Destry's not so sure she's got this feeling that Katie's been abducted and she's got this nagging concern about rumours that have been flying about a paedophile ring on the Peninsula She's also than aware that the powers that be in Waterloo Police Station are not convinced she's up to running an investigation of this type What makes her really sensitive to their thoughts is that she's agrees with themHal Challis however can't be much help He's half way across Australia in the outback of South Australia watching his elderly and frail father die He's also wondering what happened to his brother in law who disappeared a few years before his car found abandoned in the outback Hal's sister has always thought he did a runner after all she's been receiving strange correspondence which seemed to indicate he was somewhere alive Hal's not so sure and because he can't help himself he intervenesHaving read all of Garry Disher's Challis series CHAIN OF EVIDENCE stands out as the best book thus far – at least for me There is a deftness in the drawing of the two separate plots and the characters that gave this book a real focus and tension The main plot the possible abduction of the young girl is intricate complicated and involves the Waterloo Police Station in a number of unexpected ways The complications of the relationship or lack of relationship between Challis and Destry has an extra level of interest because of the physical distance between the two characters Another element was what seemed like a deliberate choice of the types of investigations for both characters – Challis is a dry sparse reserved man investigating an old disappearance in a dry reserved desert edge town Destry is a emotional complicated outgoing woman investigating a messy complicated and intricate crime in a lusher familiar environment In this instance this didn't resonate as a clichéCHAIN OF EVIDENCE flags a strong shift of focus from a series concentrating on Hal Challis with a touch of Ellen Destry on the side to a combined focus as both characters take centre stage albeit in different investigations and in different states This bodes very well for the ongoing development of this series

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    This is the fourth of Garry Disher's crime fiction series featuring Police Officers Detective Inspector Hal Challis and Detective Ellen Destry Previously Challis has been the keynote character but in this novel he has a passive role Challis is miles away at his father's deathbed in dry dusty South Australia Whilst there he investigates the sudden disappearance of his brother in lawMeanwhile back in the Victorian peninsula town of Waterloo Ellen Destry is thrust into the limelight Despite some sexist resentment Ellen is acting as both jobsitter and housesitter for Challis whilst he is away With this as the backdrop a young girl is abducted and then found alive and an active pedophile ring on the Mornington Peninsula is uncovered Interwoven into the story are small town tensions hidden alliances and police corruptionThroughout the novel the two main plotlines run parallel to each other as the reader switches between South Australia and Victoria Ultimately as both cases break open the despairing secrets of two small towns in two different states are revealedOverall a very enjoyable read The plotlines were multi layered sophisticated but slick and full of the kind of intrigue and tension that keeps the pages turning I also really enjoyed the character development of Ellen Destry in this novel She is going through a vulnerable stage of life both personally and professionally Her marriage is over her relationship with her daughter is rocky the police force is cutting corners and compromising forensics and she doesn't know who she can trust And bubbling away in the background is the romantic tension between herself and Challis that becomes apparent during their interstate phone conversationsI would thoroughly recommend this title to all devotees of crime and police procedural fiction With two titles subseuently published making a total of six Challis and Destry novels at the time of writing this it is an enjoyable series of Australian crime fiction to get your teeth into and one which I will continue to read with interest

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    The opening scene Child lured by a man into a van on her way home from school and she is drugged and presumably rapedScene two Recently separated detective awakes in the bed of the man that she obviously is infatuated with and then wanders about growling at subordinates before going off and growling at the child's mother How dare she not monitor her child constantly? That is the moral the author is going for?Scene next I put the book down and sigh It doesn't take much now for me to recognize the hallmarks of a standard issue thriller novel where the irascible detective will meet her darkest fears and thereby be somewhat matured by volume's end and the chills mentioned on the cover are all supplied by grisly and sadistic acts performed by a stock villain who knows as much about what the police will do as the detective and can only be brought down by random eventsOccasionally these books surprise but this one was so by the numbers and therefore so off putting that I just put it aside and will never return to it As I read through the section where the detective is increasingly unsympathetic to the parents of the missing girl where she essentially blames them for her disappearance the book just lost me If one believed these authors the number of police only slightly exceeds that of serial killers with cryptic and devious rituals Who needs to live in so much fear?Anyway no rating since I didn't give it a fair reading and I never even got to the parts with the hero detective Not my cup of tea at all

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    I do love an Australian accent This police procedural takes place near Victoria DS Destry is on her on in the Waterloo police station while her sueeze Inspector Hal Challis is on compassionate leave for his father's impending death Challis becomes embroiled in the investigation of the death of Gavin his sister's husband who had disappeared but whose body is discovered while he is there There is the usual banter and antipathy of the local cops with the city detective who is also in conflict with the homicide suad and he's out of his jurisdiction yadayadayada In the meantime Sgt Destry has her hands full with a pedophile ring If I say I'll give away some of the surprise I don't mean to sound dismissive because I did like the story and the characters although it's beginning to surprise me how much extra marital activity there is in British and Australian police departments The author also has a rather jaundiced view of Australian society And as I said lovely accent

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    One of the better police procedural series going I really enjoy the Australian setting the books are well plotted and the author does a great job with both the major and supporting characters from book to book