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From the author of 10 Days to a Less Defiant Child a groundbreaking 10 step plan to improve children's ability to focus and learn as well as correct inattentive and out of control behaviors including kids with Attention DeficitHyperactivity Disorder Does it seem like your child never listens while you feel like a broken record? Does she freuently forget about homework assignments and tests? Does he have trouble concentrating on basic tasks yet can pay attention to a video game for hours? Your child isn't lazy or unmotivated He may have a chronic attention problem and the good news is that you can help your child overcome it In 10 Days to a Less Distracted Child leading family psychologist Dr Jeffrey Bernstein presents his revolutionary program for every frustrated parent Dr Bernstein's 10 day approach is a fresh highly effective and completely original take on handling inattentive children including those with ADHD and other conditions In just minutes a day discover the secrets of how toUnderstand why your child gets distracted Get kids to listen without raising your voice Improve focus and organization at school Avoid the homework battles Overcome ADHD and learning disabilities Build confidence social skills and self esteem Determine if medication is right for your child Reduce distraction for the long run

10 thoughts on “10 Days to a Less Distracted Child: The Breakthrough Program that Gets Your Kids to Listen, Learn, Focus and Behave

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    I read this one with my 10 year old AspergersADHD in mind I had intended to mostly skim through the main points since I just read the Defiant Child book by the same author but I found myself reading every word often through tears I have been doing many things with my parenting style that just make things harder for her Throughout the book the author advocates a calm firm non controlling approach to helping your child overcome her distractibility I'm fine with calm and firm but non controlling needs some work This is a good helpful book with lots of helpful information Another note this isn't really intented to fix your child in 10 days The author intends the reader to review and apply one step or theme there are 10 of them each day You may see some immediate improvement but lasting changes in your child's behavior will of course take much longer than 10 days I'm not a fan of gimmick books like the title suggests but I do like the author's style

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    I found this book somewhat helpful though not as much as I had hoped The 10 days mentioned in the title is like how long it might take to tead the book There's no way you could implement all his strategies and see results in 10 days There were also some areas of the book that seemed vague and generalized I had a hard time internalizing and identifying what I am supposed to do with these concepts On the other hand there were also several area that I easily internalized and felt excited about trying I need to go through the book and make note of those areas and get to work I would recommend this book but don't go into it thinking you're really going to get spectacular results in 10 days

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    Goddess But this book was hard to get through There was lots of great advise but I found it dry and hard to read

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    This book was SO helpful I wish I would have read it long ago Totally recommend to any parent these days

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    I picked up this book after feeling frustrated with all the things that aren't working with my 10 year old with ADHD primarily inattentiveGADdysgraphia Up to this point the 5 ADHD medications we've tried haven't worked out due to a variety of emotional and physical side effects So I figured this was worth a try As other reviewers have noted this isn't ground breaking and it's not a blueprint for an easy fix It doesn't give you a step by step plan to fix your child because realistically you won't be able to It does give you some reminders you are not the only one who has this challenge; your kid isn't just being lazy aim for progress not perfection keep an open line of communication with teachers; consider medications; use positive reinforcement rather than punishment etc Another thing to note is that this book does not only address distraction due to ADHD but the other related conditions that can cause distractability anxiety depression learning disabilities autismAspberger's Disorderand other psychological and medical issues And if your kid has than one of these challenges it may be hard to determine which is causing the distractability or maybe all are It helped me understand just how tough it is for him to stay focused on what he is supposed to be doingI'll definitely be incorporating some of the ideas in this book especially the letting go of the anger when my child doesn't do what I've asked him to five times in a row as well as breaking tasks down into smaller segments giving reminders rewarding improvements being flexible like letting him try listening to music while doing spelling homework because maybe the background noise will help him focus and understanding that there is no uick fix we are all in this for the long haul so we might as well all relax a little bitThe tone of this book is great It's friendly chock full of anonymous anecdotes of patients he's treated over the years and it's very logically laid out I did find myself skipping some sections that weren't relevant to me overcoming perils with peers and some of heading off homework wars but I do this with most non fiction books anyway If you are dealing with a distracted child this might be a good book to add to your collection

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    This book so far has some great helpful tips for parents of distracted children It's helping me understand that I need to put myself in my son's shoes not engage in a grumpy match with himI especially like the Six Obstacles for Understanding your Distracted Child Even though I'm a type A Virgo struggling to help my son even I was overwhelmed by the number of lists Bernstein presents 22 ways to understand your child 28 anti overreaction tools 36 teaching strategies 24 homework tips and onThe chapter on overcoming distractibility at school helped me realize that I need to help my son's teacher work with the ADHD diagnosis I found Chapters 2 5 the most helpful and I've taken lots of notesBesides the many lists the other constructive criticism I'd add is that Bernstein falls into the same trap as other writers of these types of self help books overgeneralizing When I see things I really like I know they probably won't work for my son such as Toe the line on Outlines and Use Checklists and Keep Organized Notebooks Luckily I know now that I can't make my son do it like I would he's his own person and we need to figure out how he can get the work done without melting down

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    This was a very helpful book It wasn't ground breaking but it was clearly written with examples and suggestions After his first two chapters I remember thinking Where are the practical examples? but it did get down to the basics with some helpful advice Although it did discuss drugs and school treatment plans for those with ADHD I found it useful for kids without that diagnosis Probably my biggest take away from this book was realizing I had to stop getting mad at my son for being distracted because it wasn't helping

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    Awesome book has tips for teachers describes resources the school can use to help The parenting tips were great catch them doing something righttalk about them oftenand they will try even harder I've never been a critical parent but when I make an effort to freuently talk about the things Kaden does right at school he tries even harder and has really improved his performance over the last 3 weeks

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    I think there are a lot of good tips in here for parents who are clueless with what to do However I have been using love and logic all along as well as parenting with compassion So many of the tips just werent as helpful in my case as they could be I wanted a bit involved with organization structure and how to talk to teachers in the book than it had I am having my hubby read it as well in the hopes that he gains insight from the book than I did

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    Like all self help books this one just makes you feel better because you read about people who deal with the same thing you do I was hoping though for a little direction or newer concrete ideas The book was valuable in that it helped remind me that I need to be a little patient and loving and try to see things from my child's eyes