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Before Katrina – New Orleans is the murder capital of America and her troubled streets give rise to a cop who hunts killers with methodical calculating precision innate in a man half Cajun and half Sioux While others lose their heads in the maddening hunt for a cop killer who ambushes police officers John Raven Beau focuses his instincts in the relentless pursuit of a murdererComing to the big city New Orleans – the Paris of French Louisiana – John Raven Beau finds a houseboat on Lake Pontchartrain and a vocation with the NOPD He makes good friends and does good work yet his penchant for shooting people people who give him no other choice has made him stand out He is a killer blindly admired by rookies avoided by veterans who have been on the job long enough to know a police officer who kills especially who kills than once is an aberrationHomicide Detective John Raven Beau is a relentless pursuer a man who will track killers across miles of dark streets through swamps wastelands over rivers and bayous He will never give up And he’s an excellent marksman who also carries an obsidian hunting knife Claims that he’s scalped a few murderers is a persistent rumorBeau is a man conflicted Half Cajun – he believes life should be enjoyed believes life should be approached with a sense of humor Let the good times roll Half Sioux – he is bedeviled by the past in which his people fought other tribes for centuries to be eventually defeated my the mighty US Army Lakota the true name of his tribe John Raven Beau is descended from the Oglala clan of Crazy Horse and Little Hawk whose blood flows through Beau’s veins Like Crazy Horse Beau is known for his prowess determination reckless courage a man skilled at close combat

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    20 Stars of 50 “It was ok”Less well known authors should be supported as long as they provide good stories for the readers andor good listening for the audiobook listeners like me I guess the paper based book was probably ok because this title was recommended to me but the narration of this audiobook was very poor What should have been a short enjoyable well almost enjoyable story became a drawn out difficult to aurally understand dirge

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    No wonder this book was named POLICE BOOK OF THE YEAR O'Neil De Noux's new lead character is John Raven Beau a half Cajun half Sioux homicide detective who methodically tracks down killers and brings them to justice in a city famous for murder and mayhem Set before Hurricane Katrina Beau hunts down a cop killer and the climax was as surprising as it was uniue Beau is a man's man and a woman's man Look forward to about this character Highly recommended

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    Must read I loved the book I enjoyed the humor and the serious part of it I really liked John BeaAnd his little dog buck

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    Good New Orleans based mystery