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In this unusual and much needed reappraisal of Freud's clinical techniue M Guy Thompson challenges the conventional notion that psychoanalysis promotes relief from suffering and replaces it with a radical assertion that psychoanalysis seeks to mend our relationship with the real that has been fractured by our avoidance of the same Thompson suggests that while avoiding reality may help to relieve our experience of suffering this short term solution inevitably leads to a split in our existenceM Guy Thompson forcefully disagrees with the recent trend that dismisses Freud as an historical figure who is out of step with the times He argues instead for a return to the forgotten Freud a man inherently philosophical and rooted in a Greek preoccupation with the nature of truth ethics the purpose of life and our relationship with reality Thompson's argument is situated in a stunning re reading of Freud's technical papers including a new evaluation of his analyses of Dora and the Rat Man in the context of Heidegger's understanding of truthIn this remarkable examination of Freud's technical recommendations M Guy Thompson explains how psychoanalysis was originally designed to re acuaint us with realities we had abandoned by encountering them in the contest of the analytic experience This provocative examination of Freud's conception of psychoanalysis reveals a personal Freud than we had previously supposed one that is humanistic and real