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Bad girl Peyton Gilbrad left an all too lucrative life within an organized diamond theft ring several years ago and stepped surprisingly easily into the life of a bestselling romance author She’s not wanted by the police she’s no longer appeasing criminals outside her former organization and she and her friends have walked away free and clear building legitimate business of their own Peyton is secure in the knowledge her past firmly behind her The lure of diamonds worth much than gambler Steven Hawking owes them has Sebastian and Thierry Boudreaux taking a trip to Atlanta to collect the Numbers’ debt; and right onto Peyton Gilbrad’s doorstep so to speak Their plan is to recover the cash and enough extra to walk away from the family’s gambling business free and clear However their first glimpse of the feisty blonde bombshell in a beautiful small package sliding into the back of their limo smelling of woman and sin suggesting a ménage derails all their well laid plans After spending a few nights of bliss in each other’s arms they’re thinking of a future together But soon the three realize that their pasts have caught up to them making them uestion their new found love In the end will Steven Hawking’s debt and spilling Peyton’s secret life put their lives at risk? Will the Boudreaux brothers’ run back to the bayou with the money? Will Peyton return to her lonely existence or will they come to realize in each other’s arms diamonds aren’t always forever?

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    35 stars

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    The book was amazing I wa sitting on the edge of my seat I love how it was written in about LouisianaThat's where I live so the story is intriguingIt shows you can find love in ways than and also have a family even though they are not blood that they are always by your side through what everSo hot and romantic

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    I received a teaser chapter of this book in my swag bag at IRC 2014 and knew I had to read this book so I bought it I started it last night and couldn't put it down till I was finished It's fast paced hot sexy and funny read I really enjoyed and will be on the outlook for book 2 of this series

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    I would LOVE to have read the beginning of Diamond and A before getting into this story This was a good story and I really enjoyed it It was a love at first sight kind of story with 2 HOT brothers I will be on the look out for by this author it was that good