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He was genetically engineered and mutated to be perfect She is a mistake that now holds the key to his power Thrown together by the very evil that created them will he be the friend she so desperately needs or the trigger that unleashes her power on an unsuspecting world?For as long as she can remember seventeen year old Paige Mills has always thought of herself as a monster A monster with the power to unleash unspeakable evil or good on the world Unable to touch others Paige lives with the knowledge that she can unlock the very best or worst in all of us But living a uiet life in the middle of nowhere Nebraska helps her believe she has everything under controluntil John Sullivan arrives in town John represents everything her family has hidden her from since birth change doubt temptation and powerWith his good looks and easy manner John is everything Paige fears and desires He uickly breaks down the walls she spent her entire life building As her world collapses around her Paige and John are forced to run from those who would use her to do their biddingIn a rush to save herself and those she loves she learns that power alone does not define you but how you use it Does she have the strength to not become the monster she has always feared? Does she have the power to unlock the very best of herself? By trying to avoid her fate will she unknowingly run headlong into its waiting arms? The Pandora Project Book One Creation is the first book in The Pandora Trilogy Look for Book Two Evolution coming soon

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    A good beginningI chose to read this book because I had known the author in one of her former lives I was initially disappointed to find it was another teenaged love story Or so I thought Fortunately I gave it another chance and it uickly developed into a story of those with super powers with the reuisite evil scientist who works in the government and is seeking control over the world The added teenaged love story gives it a broader group to interest I suppose What actually makes this story uniue and leads to a positive review is the good family that is there to support the young heroine No mamby pamby fathers here No weak or over emotional or controlling mothers here But rather a functioning and smart family that loves each other and wants the best for each other and makes difficult sacrifices consistently for the ones they love That is what gives this a uniue and enjoyable twist on the super hero genreThere were a couple times that the story was mildly disjointed and a couple times when the editing could have been improved but overall this clearly is a fun story that will encourage you to be this kind of a family even if you don't happen to have been activated into a super hero just yet I look forward to the second book but don't want to read it immediately so I can draw out the fun a little longer