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uinn's history is catching up to him and someone's trying a big frame up; but Philly's favorite insurance investigator is tied up right now helping a guy who may or may not be deranged to find a wife who may or may not exist The family's its usual stubborn mess Dad wants the Beast back and Nora? Well at least something's going uinn's way

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    The fourth installment of the Liam uinn series from author LH Thomson uinn And The Vanishing Bride was a clearly a let down from the first three books It was missing that Philly snap and edge the others in series projected so clearly Although uinn has now been in a long term relationship with Nora Garcia de Soria she's left on sidelines without much face time in the book uinn's delightful family gets somewhat short changed as well It seems George Willis who is certifiably CRAZY needs uinn's help Without his meds he a real lunatic George has escaped the private mental hospital to look for his missing bride Maria George runs to uinn's oldest brother Andy who is a Catholic priest Andy has to bend Liam's arm to help out George The only clue to go on is a perfect likeness tattoo of Maria's face on the inside of one of his wrists Maria has Tattoo of George on her wrist Dr Foster has George put away as a delusional schizophrenic Dr Foster's ualifications in the mental health field are very suspect But hey he's running a private hospital Meanwhile uinn has a job to do for Philadelphia Mutual Insurance Co PMI uinn has to check out a gallery of paintings PMI is writing insurance on before a big auction show is held Low and behold one of the Japanses paintings being readied for the show is a fake A fake uinn painted himself several years before his prison stretch Naturally he can't say anything The FBI would love to dump him back into the can for forging again uinn is in a very tough spot The fake painting was donated by a powerful Asian gangster uinn is in a real pickle for this case He's got to solve the problem of the fake painting and deal with crazy George Of course Maria is from Panama Illegal and the daughter of the most powerful gangster in Panama uinn has to get Philly PD to look at these two cases from his point of view Naturally the Philly PD pretty much despise uinn uinn's father was on force over 30 years and his youngest brother is on force now Liam the black sheep did four years for forgery It's hard for uinn to lose that jailbird image As it is it's an okay story for reading enjoyment There are a couple of uniue twists to liven up the action seuences Through most of the book uinn is out there on an island by himself That's a shame with his very colorful family and well connected bright and drop dead gorgeous girlfriend Nora Coming in right around 200 pages I read the book in one and a half sittings Clearly not as entertaining as previous three books I'm giving this uinn outing three stars out of a possible five stars 25 stars better rating for this one However this has been an excellent series to read through four books I've already jumped into fifth book in series and really like it As we say in Philly Youse oughta be reading this series The portrait of Philly painted by the author in this series is spot on Having the correct neighborhoods is very important to accurately set a novel series in Philadelphia I like the series a lot Check it out

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    Another great read by LH Thomson I love the character development of the Liam uinn series I highly recommend this book as well as the first three Each story is uniue and not predictable I am excited to start book number 5

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    Needing a break from all the books I promised to review I wanted something different to get lost in and the Liam uinn Mystery Series was the ticket This author is good enough to be one of the big boys He is talented and can write multiple storylines that merge well the new storyline additions in each book The timeframe is continuous usually picking up where the last book ends The characters are actually people you know OK maybe not all the mobsters but the regular cast They are realistic no Hollywood garbage and they get hurt without a fairy or angel to save them There is humor not just smartalec uinn but good humor too I recommend getting a bunch of these books and just chainreading them; they’re hard to stop as I discovered when I ran out of the books in my library So if you like Wambaugh Remington Steele Moonlighting or Breaking Bad or Weeds you will love uinn toouinn The Vanishing Bride #4 – This book picks up about six months after West ends uinn keeps kickin’ Entertaining and intriguing storylines that keep the reader involved with uinn and crew As always there’s happening than meets the eye and there’s plenty of humor not all smartalec The characters never disappoint and their dialog and actions are realistic uinn’s the hero of the series and keeps getting the tarnation beat out of him but he gets his licks in too Good mysteries that the reader can’t help but get involved in solving but remember there’s always something thrown in the spokes If you like series like Breaking Bad or Remington Steele or Moonlighting you’ll have fun with this series too Oh there is a romance and Mrs uinn thinks she’ll have two weddings soon; she wants the rugrats 5uinn Checks In #1 – My first read by this author and I am impressed and excited to have found this author This author should be one of the big names since this book reminds me of the good authors in this genre from the 60s and 70s The storylines are interesting and fast paced and the intriguing investigations keeps me wanting to read of this series and this author’s work uinn is a good character; he keeps you on his side with his faults and good heart His family is well cast and the other supporting characters round out the “family” which is common in this genre There is humor and maybe a touch of romance from afar and the cursingvulgar language is kept to a minimum If you like Wambaugh and company you’ll like Thomson There’s minor editing needed like lowercase being used for namesproper nounstitles but most won’t notice I will now start on the second book of this series which is bad for me since I have other books to read with close deadlines 5uinn Gets His Kicks #2 – This book picks up about nine months after Checks ends Another interesting story about uinn with a few kinks in the fast paced storylines keeping the reader involved uinn and fellow characters are interesting and realistic and easy to understand I read this book before the update came out so I don’t know how the two versions differ but I like what I read The conversation style and continuing seuence is good unless you read out of seuence causing you to miss a segment of uinn’s life There’s still that hint of romance 4uinn Goes West #3 – This book picks up four days after Kicks ends Man the stuff that happens to uinn Still entertaining and interesting storylines along with the same cast of characters and the new additions per story Still realistic although the author doesn’t know what size ten acres is and tries to pass that amount off as vast but no one’s perfect Good kinks to ruin a person’s day Still good with plenty of humor and the romance 5

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    Liam uinn tries to right people's wrongsAnother exciting adventure in the life of Liam uinnformer art forgerer and ex connow working for an insurance company His family has a father who is a retired copa brother who is a cop and another brother who is a pastoradd in a mother who wants grandchildren desperately and a girlfriend who uinn has wanted to be with since grade school and you have many of the fun characters you will meet in this rollicking story There are several plots to follow and we are taken into different scenarios where we learn about all characters I enjoy this series it is interesting and well writtenanyone who likes to find a bad boy who becomes a hero as he goes about daily life should grab this book

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    uinn just keeps getting better Each book gets me a little hooked It was a stretch at first but the further I read the believable it gets that the son of an Irish cop in Philly would be able to turn his life around after a stint for forgery The cases are full off twists as is uinn's day to day life He must carry a 4 leaf clover some of the scrapes he gets out of Can't wait for book 5

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    uinn is the real dealuinn is as enthralling as any of the better known characters in contemporary fiction I have enjoyed five books in this series and look forward to reading about uinn and his adventures

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    Short and didn’t seem to flow like the first three did uinn promised a retainer of 500 a day well when he had access to the money George is on med’s saying they kidnapped his wife Cops say his wife is dead As for Nora things are going good father tells him doesn’t mess it up

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    A fun readEnjoyable and easy read Great characters that allow you to form relationships with them all I look forward to the next one

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    Good readReally like the writing style of this author This book took me into the world of Japanese art worksThe characters are exciting

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    A good read but a little light on substance hence the 4 Will read