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Early 1989 in the USSR communism is about to collapse In China civil war is brewing And an American archaeologist is about to discover an extraordinary secret Dr Sally Parsons' ambition to excavate the tomb of the ruthless first emperor of China is dashed when she is mysteriously fired from the project Then Sally agrees to deliver a computer disk to a contact in China in return for access to the tomb But the explosive secret the disk reveals is a prize worth killing for If she survives Sally's dream of an unprecedented archaeological coup might be within her grasp but it could turn into a nightmare for millions

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    Humphrey Hawksley is an old hand in the Far East He knows his China So we can take the environment and historical background of Red Spirit as being authenticThe problem is with the characters Dr Sally Parsons an eminent archaeologist fluctuates between helpless sobbing and fierce determination the changes seem to be dictated by the needs of the plot rather than any plausible personality Bill Cage conveniently half American half Chinese has an ability to survive violence that might daunt Reacher who never as far as I know went into action with a petrol bomb in each trouser pocket The child Paul is precocious enough to challenge credulity As for the Chinese well this is the inscrutable orient so we must take them at stereotypical face valueUnfortunately the author is not helped by his publisher One has become accustomed in other books to errors that slip past the spell checker but Red Spirit is betrayed by page after page of text that seems not to have been proof read words omitted alternative versions both included sloppy grammar Simply not ggod enough

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    This was an interesting story about communism and what its like in a country run that way

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    Mystery adventure and espionage in China against the backdrop of real events in1989

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    Not a five starThe first three uarters of book I was thinking that it would Then there were several pages of an orgy at WU's university office that did nothing for the story It all was some what sketchy put together from there to the end

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    I would have rated it a little higher but I was frustrated by the number of typo errors and other errors in the Kindle version of the book uite a good storyline otherwise with several intriguing twists

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    Good espionage thriller