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Poetry Translated from the Norwegian by Rebecca Wadlinger The book length poem A HUNDRED THOUSAND HOURS is both one of the most celebrated and controversial volumes published in Norway in the past couple decades A HUNDRED THOUSAND HOURS revolves around a mother daughter relationship that exists between alternating forces of harmony and hysteria Dahle's stanzas showcase multiple voices and surprise readers as a home becomes a museum a cemetery and a place where furniture comes to life Dahle's work is fragmentary and eerie an illustrious example of Scandinavian surrealism

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    Bursts of emotion and hallucination from the cataclysmic mundane spaces of the home

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    Pretty cool cycle of poems translated from the Norwegian and full of objects suirming to life and a twisted mother daughter relationship Sample I think twenty thousand thoughts a day And only two hundred are about you You mean so littleI shake the pears out of the pear tree and hear them celebrate

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    I really enjoyed this book The translation is excellent; the poetry and the ideas all flow beautifully

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    A wonderful weird read long poem about a mother daughter relationship

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    I dream that I stand facing a deep hole in the ground I'm holding a baby carriage Deeply unsettling but restrained and wonderfully underdetermined this book in two streams of voices depicts a disturbing relationship between mother and daughter Both feel cannibalized by the other There are intimations of sexual predation power plays paranoia For all the drama there is an aptness and succinct precision to the language It's never over the top The human relationships find their metaphors in descriptions of furniture I couldn't help but think of Hiromi Ito's sensational book of poems about a perverse mother daughter relationship Killing Kanoko They'd make a good pair like Faulkner's Light in August and McCarthy's The Outer Dark

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    Clever without being difficult Funny Well written as usual when it comes to Gro Dahle Even though I think I like her childrens books better it was great to read and try out her adult poetry as well Favorite the childbirth Great with an analysis from another reader in the end that added even depth to it

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    Loved the strange inventiveness of theses mother daughter poems The poem is book length but each segment is under 10 lines written in a naive voice where the furniture comes alive Borders on surrealist and I was surprised how much I enjoyed this I know I will go back to it for inspiration

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    Review forthcoming in American Microreviews and Reviews

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    I wrote a review of this for Kenyon Review Online