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Wilbur Whateley is half man and half other worldly monster god He can bend reality to his will and with his dark powers will one day end the menace known as mankind But even a servant of the Great Old Ones gets lonely One day he finds the perfect woman for himself someone so sick twisted and demented that he can't help but fall in loveWith this degenerate human he can finally have a family and bring humanity closer to its destructionYog Sothoth be praisedFrom the modern master of hardcore horror comes a perverse seuel to HP Lovecraft's tale The Dunwich Horror Only Edward Lee would dare to take one of the most beloved stories in classic horror and splatter it with gore and other bodily fluids

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    Sary Sladder had than she bargained for when she met Wilbur Whateley one day whilst she was in the midst of servicing one of the finer denizens of Dunwich in the woods outside of townbut then again this is an Edward Lee novel we're talking about and Sary otherwise affectionately or not so known as Stew Face because of her unfortunate facial injuries suffered mostly at the hands of sadistic johns and her eually sadistic father was a lucky prostitute indeed Not only SPOILER ALERT had Wilbur saved her life most likely but had saved the life of the only woman he'd been secretly pining for And for Sary despite Wilbur's oddly proportioned body and family's dark reputation she'd met the man of her dreams Needless to say this seuel of sorts of Lovecraft's classic The Dunwich Horror is another of Lee's HPL pastiches and like the others before works very well but also fills in blanks that Lovecraft didn't in his original story Well that's not very fair Let me just say that Lee fills in those gaps in a way only he can Yeah lots of graphic sex and violence Yog Sothoth style coupled with colorful dialogue and local slang Which may be difficult for uninitiated readers to get throughbut however if you've read the original story Lovecraft uses the same regional dialect for most of the characters Trademark gore and eroticism aside Lee's love story of sorts between Sary and Wilbur is at times sadly sweet and heartfelt even if uite twisted hey remember this is a Lee story? The conclusion was nicely done perhaps leading to a future bookand time and Yog Sothoth will know

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    Dunwich Romance presents an alternate storyline to the Lovecraft tale „The Dunwich Horror” Maybe Wilbur Whateley with the help of his god Yog Sothoth wants to end the world as we know it but still on the inside he is the warmest and kindest man of whole Dunwich He saves Sary the homeless prostitute of the village from rape and gives her shelter This is a very lucky turn of event for him because secretly he has been in love with the woman for a long while but so far he did not have the courage to make advances Sary also finds the gentle and strong man irresistibly attractive But how could their romance bloom in the shadow of dark things to come? How could Wilbur balance his love life with his secret black magician life? You will know if you read this heartfelt and masterfully written novel And I will be honest with you I cried at the endThis book is hardcore Lee so you will find plentiful and explicit creative humiliation rape torture and perversion in it

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    Yes I was aware of Edward Lee's particular niche before I read this but I was hoping it would be similar enough to The Black Brat of Dunwich available in the excellent A Mountain Walked Great Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos to be at least somewhat salvageable NOPEHe is very good at imitating Lovecraft's writing style so I have to give credit where it's due

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    By this point you know if you should know if you like Edward Lee's take on Lovecraft so there is no point in warning off the easily offended The usual outrageous sex and bodily fluids are present here but the story is oddly heartwarming as well; it truly is a romance tale Highly recommended for Lee's fans

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    Nice continuation from the original Please see my full review at Lurid litcom