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The purpose of this book is threefold 1 review and I realized that the script had to present a short but comprehensive survey spontaneously taken on the size and format of the localization of a number of transmit of a book I wrote a letter to Mr B Lewer ich of Springer Verlag advising him that ters and other neuroactive principles in the mammalian central nervous system 2 to there would be some delay in the production provide some comments on the relation be of the third edition of The Human Central tween classical neuroanatomy and chem Nervous System that I happened to have gen ical neuroanatomy and 3 to suggest that erated an entirely different book on a brand by a synthesis of these two approaches of knowledge usually referred to as 'chemical new entities in the brain can be delin neuroanatomy' and that I should like to eated publish this work as previous ones with of the origin of this volume is Springer Mr Lewerich's reply was uite The history somwhat unusual and may be worth relating characteristic 'I must admit that in spite In a previous book namely Nieuwenhuys of seven years of cooperation you still suc Voogd and Van Huijzen The Human Central ceed in surprising me; I had not the slightest Nervous System second editi9n 1981 there idea about your plans so far

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