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This comprehensive reference is clearly destined to become the definitive anatomical basis for all molecular neuroscience research The three volumes provide a complete overview and comparison of the structural organisation of all vertebrate groups ranging from amphioxus and lamprey through fishes amphibians and birds to mammals This thus allows a systematic treatment of the concepts and methodology found in modern comparative neuroscience Neuroscientists comparative morphologists and anatomists will all benefit from 1200 detailed and standardised neuroanatomical drawings the illustrations were painstakingly hand drawn by a team of graphic designers specially commissioned by the authors over a period of 25 years functional correlations of vertebrate brains concepts and methodology of modern comparative neuroscience five full colour posters giving an overview of the central nervous system of the vertebrates ideal for mounting and displayThis monumental work is and will remain uniue; the only source of such brilliant illustrations at both the macroscopic and microscopic levels

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