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Rejuvenation reveals safe and effective home laser light therapy treatments that can be self administered using an inexpensive laser pointer Coherent laser light does not cure everything but it certainly will treat the conditions outlined in Rejuvenation Minor infections can heal up as well as problems with teeth and gums as long as there is no cavity present Rheumatoid arthritis responds in a magnificent way to coherent light therapy illuminating one group of joints has a systemic affect on the whole body with multiple joint improvement Diabetic neuropathy for numb feet illuminate twice per week cutting back to once per six weeks Sensation typically comes back within three weeks Includes Home Remedies for Over 40 Other ailments and conditions Increase testosterone production Decrease breast tenderness Help heal a troublesome prostate Improve symptoms of fibromyalgia Eliminate bursitis Avoidpostpone a root canal Coherent light therapy may be used in the treatment of the heart or the stroke recovering brain simply by pressing an inexpensive modern day miracle against the skin the laser pointer

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    The healing power of light is an intriguing topic As practitioners are exploring the potentials of light and other forms of energy we are seeing some pretty interesting results For instance injuries that are unresponsive to conventional therapy completely healing after the use of light therapy Likewise this type of therapy has shown similar remarkable effects on chronic illness and conditions such as arthritis diabetes and fibromyalgia Rejuvenation looks at light therapy using a simple laser pointer Essentially the information is presented for home use although bigger expensive devices can be used by practitioners Either way therapy takes only a few minutes and is completely painless Generally results are seen within a few sessions After presenting the basics of home light therapy the book moves on to detailed information about specific conditions Not all conditions are responsive to light therapy In some cases you have to be extremely careful In others there is simply not enough data yet to say if the therapy is viable