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For busy moms of all ages and in all stages of life We all know what it is like to be busy And we all have times when we wish we weren’t so busy The uestion is how do you feed your soul in the busy seasons? This one month study of the fruit of the Spirit will challenge you to examine yourself in light of the Scriptures and give you something to apply to your life each day And the best part is that each day’s study can be done in just TEN MINUTES or less Comes with a free downloadable workbook on the author's website

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    You may have seen the other posts I did about this devotional – an introduction post and a giveaway post which is now over and my enthusiasm for this keeps growing I just sent it as a gift to a friend because I knew that she would appreciate it and since it’s so Biblically sound that she would make good use of it We are now talking of working through it together with a daily email or text and and a weekly Facetime or Skype chat I’m excited The book description from says this“For busy moms of all ages and in all stages of life We all know what it is like to be busy And we all have times when we wish we weren’t so busy The uestion is how do you feed your soul in the busy seasons? This one month study of the fruit of the Spirit will challenge you to examine yourself in light of the Scriptures and give you something to apply to your life each day And the best part is that each day’s study can be done in just TEN MINUTES or less Foreword by Heidi St John Comes with a free downloadable workbook on the author’s website”These devotionals are truly 10 minutes or less depending on how much time you devote to doing them Perfect for this home school mom – and other moms who just find themselves too busy to devote to 12 hour or hour studies but still want to read the Word of God It’s said that even those who aren’t ‘religious’ can use this study but never fear it’s a Scripturally sound devotional To uote my previous post about this devotional“I’ve been happy to be a part of another launch team this one for Katie Hornor’s new book Putting on the Spirit 10 Minute Devotionals for Busy Moms I hadn’t heard of her either before joining in this launch team and I’m so glad that I’ve had the pleasure of reading this book a devotional made just for mom’s like you and I – busy super women moms who just may also throw in the role of teacher as wellUsually when we think of time studying the Bible we tend to get overwhelmed because well we’re busy moms – who has time to sit around and just read? Of course reading the Bible is different from reading that romance book but it’s still taking time – but let’s face it God needs us in His Word and our children need to see us in His Word as well so what if I told you in 10 minutes a day you can have a fulfilling Bible study time just for youand feel refreshed and as if you spent than 10 minutes with the Lord of your life? I’m telling you that – Katie Hornor has done a great job in giving women a simple but in depth Bible study that will help us in putting on the Spirit using lots of Scripture”You’ll go in depth on the fruits of the spirits through this devotional as well as growing closer to the Lord – how great is that? All in 10 minutes or less a day I also recommend checking out Katie Hornor’s website Paradise Praises where she blogs about marriage mothering home school ministry and – and it’s just down right encouraging – and once you purchase your copy of Putting On the Spirit Ten Minute Devotions for Busy Moms don’t forget to grab your free workbook from her blog It’s totally worth grabbing I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion no other compensation was givento see the links in the review visit wwwgrowingforchristwordpresscom

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    Katie Hornor author of Putting on the Spirit does a great job pulling together scripture and encouragement into a tight little package that doesn’t feel short uick or superficial Her organization is a dream for me I love it when studies are divided by day It’s a sickness actually Her introduction lays out the play so that you know exactly what to expect and how to proceedEach day has very specific tasks that are designed to help you dig into the scripture and unpack the meaning behind it Some days suggest writing out scripture while others may have uestions that allow you to really focus on application of the concept to your life Katie has a way of writing it so that it is both general enough to apply to many people while being specific enough that it feels that she wrote it directly to you The lessons are great for moms everywhere helping us focus on how to be strong or weak how to find joy in simple every day tasks or how to let go of control to find true peaceKatie’s use of the term Super Mom always brings me back to the focus of the study The key term gives me a touchstone to bring me back to the heart of the study It’s not about being a Super Mom according to the world’s definition If we get our perception of who we are supposed to be out of whack it can make it hard for us to remember who we were really designed to be Super Moms have super powers right? Our super powers are those character traits This study helps you strengthen themDisclosure I received a free copy of this ebook in exchange for an independent review

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    This devotional was wonderful Katie does a terrific job showing us how we can lay aside our Supermom capesyou know trying to do everything in our own strengthso that we clothe ourselves with the Fruit of the Spirit She takes us through the fruit found in Galatians 522 23 in just 10 minutes a day Katie has also written a FREE workbook to go along with the devotional The link to the companion workbook is included in Katie's introduction Yes we are all busy but these devotionals truly only take 10 minutes Those 10 minutes are the best investment any mom can make for herself So if you are ready to lay aside your Supermom cape along with me and make amazing new discoveries about clothing yourself with the Fruit of the Spirit then this devotional is a must read

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    I can see myself turning to this book over and over again and suggesting it to all the young mothers I visit with Attention all Supermom want a be women You need this study DON’T think “I don’t have time for Bible Study” DON’T think “Oh no another book to make me feel guilty” DON’T think “I’ve tried stuff like this before and it just can’t help me” Nope Get this book Throw your cape in the closet Put the children down for a nap or send them outside for a bit Warm up some hot tea Grab a notebook your favorite pen and your Bible Wrap up in a soft blanket and start this study You won’t regret it As a matter of a fact you may find yourself feeling reluctant in putting it down to go check on your blessings

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    This devotional book goes through each of the 9 Fruits of the Spirit and spends 2 to 3 days exploring them further and helping you apply them to your real life Love Joy Peace Long Suffering Patience Meekness Kindness Goodness Faithfulness Gentleness and Temperance Self Control Each devotional can easily be completed in just 10 minutes or if you happen to be a mama with a little time than that you could certainly explore each verse and explanation further This devotional will encourage you to seek to use God's methods to deal with the heart issues of everyday life It has bless me to focus on the Fruit's of the Spirit fully and to share of how each fruit can be applied in daily life and be taught to my children as well

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    Katie asks uestions within the devotional to get readers thinking about what scripture verses actually mean and to help us to see how to apply them to our everyday lives We are encouraged to take action Choose joy resist acting out in anger choosing love instead live in peace to become longsufferingAnd being the ‘word’ person that I am I also love that Katie has chosen to focus on many words She spends time drawing out their true meanings from the scriptures helping us to research and delve deep so that we may understand God’s character fullyRead my full review here

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    Very good devotional book Easy to use and make something holy from the limited moments in busy days

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    Are you a Busy mom? Or are you maybe just looking for a uick devotion to fit in your day? Well if either of these sounds like you this will be a great devotional for youThis past year has been a crazy year for us and I have struggled with doing my daily devotions I am a busy mom of 4 kids though a mom with any number of kids can be busy It so happened that I was able to join the launch team for Putting on the Spirit So I did receive this book for free to review and give my honest opinion on itKatie broke down Galatians 522 23 down into 28 days of devotions They are very short and easy to do She also has you do some writing If you aren't used to writing down things during devotion time this is a great way to get startedI love how she incorporates other passages of scripture to further emphasize the Fruit of the Spirit you are learning about for the day It really helps to emphasize and understand the point that is being madeOverall I really like this uick devotional It fits in to my day and helps me grow in my walk with Christ

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    It was okay I got annoyed with the constant reference to supermom I do not feel that I have a problem with that so a lot of the book was unrelatable to me personally It was generally assumed by the author that the audience for this book is moms who try to be supermom and convincing them to take off their supermom cape