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In 1994 Wayne State University Press published David Lavery's collection Full of Secrets Critical Approaches to TWIN PEAKS The book proved to be an international success instrumental to the serious study of contemporary television series WSUP encouraged a second volume on David Lynch and Mark Frost's influential series but then decided not to publish itTWIN PEAKS in the Rearview Mirror is essentially that book edited by Lavery along with the editors of the long running fanzine Wrapped in Plastic Craig Miller and John ThorneMost of these essays were published previously in a variety of venues many in a 1993 special issue of LITERATUREFILM UARTERLY but some are new to this Kindle book All are engaging and stimulating discussions of the still amazing TWIN PEAKS

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    DNF 25% A collection of essays about Twin Peaks You thought that Twin Peaks was a uirky interesting unpredictable show and that reading about it would be eually thought provoking? Well these essays are here to prove you wrong by being godawfully boring The entire thing up until the 25% that I read at least reads like the most boring academic textbook imaginable It's a no from me