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In 1998 the author survived a horrific mauling by a Kodiak brown bear This is the story of that event along with additional tales and personal observations about these coastal giants The book includes a number of graphic photographs taken within minutes of the actual event along with the authors personal photos of bears and other Alaskan wildlife

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    More like 35 stars The story of the author's encounter with a bear that mauled him does not fill in the entire book There is a lot of his own inexpert opinion on bears and their behaviors as well as some history on other bear encounters The writing was easy to read and after visiting Kodiak myself and NOT seeing any sign of a bear it was a good read

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    This book has been sitting on my Kindle for years now I don’t even remember why I downloaded it – maybe it was on special offer one day? I have no especial interest in bears but how glad I am that I decided to buy this wonderful account of them I recently visited Alaska including Kodiak so the book meant even to me I think it’s a pity the title stresses the mauling the author suffered as the actual incident doesn’t take up all that much space and rather makes the book sound as though that is the main subject when it is in fact much than that The author vividly describes life on Kodiak He lives there and knows the island and its wildlife intimately He seems to have a real affinity for the many bears with whom the inhabitants share the island and has an in depth knowledge of them He’s an excellent storyteller with an eye for the telling detail and an excellent sense of pacing The mauling itself is not over dramatized – in fact it’s related with surprising calmness – and although it’s certainly horrific it’s not dwelt on to excess This is exactly the sort of book that should be included in those “recommended reading” lists in guide books and I would recommend it to anyone visiting Alaska as you will learn much about Alaskan wildlife and the way of life in general in this part of the world

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    Informative Enjoyed

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    At the edge of my seatKeith Rogan's story is a nail biter and I couldn't put the book down while reading This book was very informative and held great stories as well I would recommend this to anyone fascinated with Alaska or brown bears or both or even someone who just wants a thrilling story

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    A very good books about bears on Kodiak island The author himself was mauled by a Kodiak bear