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To appreciate the literal reality of the emphasis on politics in early American education one need only examine the popular textbook on political instruction for children It was called a 'Catechism on the Constitution' and it contained both uestions and answers concerning the principles of the American political system W Cleon Skousen in 5000 Year LeapPublished in 1828 Arthur J Stansbury's Catechism on the Constitution was used to teach schoolchildren in the United States about their uniue political system Over 180 years later it is still an intriguing and informative look into the way the US Constitution was understood interpreted and taught in the early years of the nation Written in uestion Answer format it has been described the the US Constitution FASpecial Features Complete and unabridged with original cover and table of contents

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    One must have a good understanding of Amendments 12 27 that were added to the Constitution after this work because a simple familiarity with the current way our government operates would raise many uestions that understanding these last 16 Amendments would have already answered Overall this book is a wonderful way to grasp the original intent of the the Constitution and the Founding in general This bit of the conclusion says it all An ignorant people are easily betrayed and a wicked people can never be ruled by the mild influence of their own laws If you would be free if you would see your country grow in all that constitutes greatness cultivate knowledge flee from vice The virtuous citizen is the true noble He who enlightens his understanding controls his passions feels for his country's honor rejoices in her prosperity steps forth to aid her in her hour of danger devotes to her advancement the fruits of his mind and consecrates to her cause his time his property and his noblest powers such a man is one of God's nobility; he needs neither riband nor star; his country knows and remembers his name; nor could any title add to his honor or his reward

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    Needed Today More Than EverAn easy read of less than two hours It’s just the basics and a few things have changed in the last 190 years since it was written But it contains a powerful easy to read education all Americans should know and remember Why these basic and important precepts are not taught today in our schools I’ll leave to your own conclusionsIt’s clear evidence in consideration of the trials facing many of our cities and our nation today there are many who govern who haven’t a clue what it means when they take the oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States” In the end God will be their judgeThe author says it best in his conclusion “remember that a constitution which gives to the people so much freedom and entrusts them with so much power rests for its permanency on their knowledge and virtue An ignorant people are easily betrayed”Buy this book read it and share it