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10 thoughts on “骄阳似我

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    When will Book 2 be out? I know Gu Man is a slow writer but hopefully we won't wait for another 10 years before it comes out However people keep on hinting that Xi Guang may end up with Zhuang Xu in that one As someone who is 100% on Lin Yu Sen's camp Gu Man will break my heart if that happens If that will be the case then I will be treating the end of Book 1 as THE ending coz atleast Xi Guang and Lin Yu Sen are together

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    Amazing book I love Gu Man's writing style Simple but very sweet and touching The themes surrounding the characters are also a lot complicated than previous books but it's a decent look into adult life and second chances at love Overall love loved this book and am still waiting for the next book

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    It was a very good entertaining book It was focused and yet unfocused too Pacing was good MLF was wronged yet she didn't used her social power to deal with people It was refreshing

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    Man I LOVED this one Gu Man hon I need book 2 like from yesterday Although based on rumours I'm not really sure I want to chance the happy flowing feelings bk 1 left me with But alas Get moving woman you can do it Add oil

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    A pretty interesting and funny story about a young Chinese woman's university and work life In a world where grades and long work days are expected how's a young lady supposed to find that final perfect pillar to lean on a boyfriend?I've read a few of Gu Man's novels before and she is very good at showing contemporary life in China Yes probably a bit polished and edited but still so relatable I especially liked how modern technology cell phones email and Chinese online life was explained Lightweight funny and uite interesting uite a nice job on behalf of the translator as well

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    Like this book so much

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    25​ stars​ An​ easy​ read

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    Dude get me part 2 now It's been 4 years

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    this is an interesting story NXG comes from a broken family with a mother who divorced her father due to 3rd party When she was in university she had a crush on ZX She confessed but back off when she heard that RR and ZX is in a relationship However ZX kept giving her mixed signal After graduating she went to work in a company which belongs to her father and met with LYS who happens to be her superior and seems to be out to get her But somehow they start to develope feeling with each otherwhat i like about this book is that there are proactive action between NXG and LYS At least it is known why they like each other I like NXG character too as she is naive but strong too however the ending of this book leaves a trail of unanswered uestion Why ZX hated her so much and what makes him misunderstood her? i hope he will not end up with RR but alsohope that he will not come between LYS and NGXpraying hard that the author will strt writing book 2 soon

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    Ugh I loved this story but if Xi Guang leaves Lin Yu Sen I will be seriously depressed The man is too good just like Feng Teng and Xiao NaiGu Man has the ability to write really refreshing and funny stories as well as amazing male and female leads Now all I need is book 2?