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Miracles Can Happen to YouWe normally use the term “miraculous” to describe dramatic larger than life events but not all miracles are out of this world Ordinary miracles — surprising positive occurrences such as surviving a horrible automobile accident or finding our soul mate — can happen in our everyday lives A scientist as well as a student of metaphysics Dr Carolyn Miller has spent than twenty five years researching the elements that are common in real life miracles She has discovered that ordinary people often survive impending disaster by entering a serene state of consciousness and following inner guidance In Creating Miracles Dr Miller shares specific suggestions and techniues such as tapping into our intuition and disarming our ego for cultivating a state of miracle readiness in our lives Through the true stories and amazing experiences she relates in this book she demonstrates that miracles are real and that accessing them reuires only that we follow some clear and simple steps

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    In this inspiring book Carolyn Miller provides us with many stories of various types of miraclesShe herself has had a miraculous escape from death when it seems certain that her car will skid over a cliff; she is facing certain death but suddenly experiences an amazingly calm and collected state of mind Carolyn presents the case that miracles become possible whenever “someone makes a sudden mental shift from fear or anger into a peaceful altered state of consciousness”One chapter contains accounts of women attacked by potential rapists andor murderers but who escape These women refuse to take on the victim role but react as though everything is normal and the assailants have nothing sinister in mind though it is clear that they doIn many cases a loving presence comes over the person under attack She feels great love for her assailant a sort of impersonal kind of goodwillThe potential “victims” take control of the situation and show who they areI myself have experienced many miracles one of averting rape by pretending to go along with the man when I couldn’t defend myself anyway; another sort of miracle where I receive deep healing after praying; together with several miracles of manifestation when totally lacking money but let go of fear and want and focused on enjoying the sunny day insteadI don’t expect to attract any form of violence in future but if I did I would definitely defend myself by the power of love When one is not afraid of death it is easier to enter a loving state in threatening situationsThe book includes many tales of intuitive premonitions and synchronistic eventsIt contains pertinent uotes from Peace Pilgrim and A Course in MiraclesCarolyn uotes the Bible as stating “Perfect Love casteth out fear”Her contention is that none of us are victims; we are all responsible no one is to blame and everyone is entitled to love and support“By acting upon the assumption that the other person is a brother or a sister who deserves kindness and respect instead of counterattack a loving person mentally restructures the whole situation”This is a marvellous inspiring book which I can highly recommend

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    35 starsCreative Miracles author and psychologist Dr Carolyn Miller integrates psychology physics and principles of A Course in Miracles to discuss how we may better communicate with God through meditation and sidestepping the ego to create miracles in our own lives I found Chapter 18 Choosing Miracles over Victimhood to be especially impactfulThe book is replete with case studies so readers without a psych background will benefit as well as those with a knowledge baseOne drawback of the book It was written 20 years ago 1995 so topics such as uantum physics or Near Death Experiences NDE have been substantially updated since then but there is plenty of information available on the Internet for readers who wish to bring themselves to the present

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    This book was a Miracle in the sense that somehow someway it ended up in my cart when I check out after selecting other books As a word person God has always okay mostly spoken to me through books I was not surprised and highly anticipated reading this book Lots of beautiful nuggets Words my heart needed right now Grateful

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    If it looks New Age and sounds New Age then it's New Age Despite the expectation of a load of touchy feely positive thinking nonsense I began reading Creating Miracles with an open mind The first eight chapters were full of jaw dropping stories of divine interventions I was really enjoying it until chapter 8 From there it was a slide into the aforementioned abyss I just don't buy itI believed the stories and I believe in miracles but the focus on the power of the mind and the assistance given to individuals by a plethora of inner guides made me uncomfortable Creating Miracles espouses an essentially humanistic philosophy which asserts that people save themselves with their minds despite freuent references to God and other higher beingsI'm a Christian so I reject New Age teaching as deceptive and perhaps even dangerous However it was very well written and the author argued her point very clearly and I'm sure that many people would have been greatly blessed and encouraged by reading it Call me narrow minded if you wish but any attempt to sideline the sovereignty of God and the grace of Jesus Christ is false teachingRead this if you are into this sort of thing or if you have an open mind I only gave it three stars because it was well written and I loved the miracle stories in the first seven chapters