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Restoring Hearts When Rachel Shaw and Jack Fletcher meet on a sunny Georgia beach it seems like the perfect start to a romance There's just one problem—neither one is the least bit interested in falling in love They're just looking for peace and time to work through their losses But Rachel's aunt Eleanor and Fletch's Gram have other plans Their meddling matchmaking would drive Rachel and Fletch nuts if they weren't busy restoring a house for one of Gram's charities Yet as they repair the house it's their hearts that begin to mend Soon Rachel and Fletch realize they might be able to build a second chance at a great love

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    Meeting on a sunny Georgia beach seems like the perfect place for a romance to start between former Navy SEAL Jack Fletcher aka Fletch to his friends and Rachel Shaw Not so fast though as neither of them is looking for the start of a romance and they are both there trying to get over and work through their losses Despite getting off to a rocky start after being thrown together by their own family members than once they start to talk and realize they have in common than they thought Jack has a prosthetic leg and the author treats it with the utmost respect and caring We are not made to feel sorry for the character like oh poor him I think Jack has adjusted so well that he can do than most of us can even with his prosthetic leg It definitely does not hold him back in this book I enjoyed the plot and it's great to see such character development As the characters talk about what's on their heart with each other we see Rachel blaming herself for her husbands death and something else that happened a few days afterwards as a result of her grief Rachel really wants to have her own biological child but Jack is unable to because of an injury he received as a SEAL Again the author deals with the issue of adoption with tenderness and compassion There are some tough issues but the author handles them with class and understanding This may be a short book but it's packed full of goodness that I know you'll enjoy reading

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    A uick easy read with a sweet story and likable characters Irene writes books I almost always enjoy and this was no exception

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    I admit I bought this for the shallowest of reasons the cover is lovelyAlso I should mention upfront that I'm not really the target market for inspirational romances They seemed designed for a particular flavour of Christian and I can tell it isn't me That said I often enjoy them if I sort of rush past the worst of the too glib God talk and the regular churchgoing is the benchmark of faith worldview you find in a lot of theseBut this book had a deeper richer open to uncertainty sense of faith and it added so much to the already charming story of two people taking a second chance on life It was a fantastic read romantic and sweet but also willing to deal with the difficult issues of death guilt and the fear of childlessness In fact broadly speaking I'd say that's a strength of the inspirational category they deal head on with some pretty serious issues and offer happy endings within that context

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    This was another good read that restored my emotional being I loved how Irene discussed the difficulty of trauma guilt over loss giving up a dream overcoming an obstacle and accepting a second chance at love All of these were such important themes and she weaved them beautifully together when she explored the characters of Fletch and Rachel She also revealed the solace one can find through God and faith It was a beautiful story

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    Irene Hannon wrote Rachel and Fletch's story so well When picking up this book I was afraid it was going to be boring but inside is a powerful story of two broken hearts learning to live again of dreams being shattered and renewed in a different way of two hearts trying to learn how to love each other when life throws them curb ballsAnd I enjoyed how the author handled the last curve ball thrown I hate the sappy romances where the person takes the news and says it doesn't matter because I love you This issue was approached in a very human imperfect way That is true to our walk in real life than in a fairy tale I loved how Fletcher explained the problem very well put and I had to read his explanation a few times because it was so creatively saidThis is definitely another keeper

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    Irene Hannon is one of my must read authors Second Chance Summer was a sweet read that made me fall in love with the characters There are great issues tackled in this read Ms Hannon explores adoption death and grief as well as loss of a limb I loved how she handled the issues and I look forward to her future books

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    Great story easy read Thank you Irene Hannon

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    Great faith filled journey Wonderful characters great setting and problems to be solved make this a fascinating read I will miss all of them

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    Well done entry by Hannon Fletch and Rachel are brought together by her aunt and his grandmother and the contriving continues It comes off sweet as opposed to meddling however There are a lot of secrets in the small community of Jekyll Island and Fletch and Rachel find the courage to be honest with each other As a Navy SEAL Fletch has than his share but he uses his military courage to be honest with Rachel That she is able to return the favor tells the reader that these two really are a good match

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    DisappointedThis was a fun story But I was sorry to see a Christian lady fall in love with and promise to marry when the fiancee has not made a commitment to follow Christ Even though their love is strong a person either is a believer or isn't He is interested in church so that's a start